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The Hornbill Collaboration app is a core part of the Hornbill solution and is available to all Hornbill Users. The Collaboration app is focused at providing new and easy ways of communicating within your organization and creates an environment where users can work together to achieve shared goals.

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You can access the features of the Collaboration app from the Collaboration icon on the App Menu. The available features will depend on your rights and roles.

Employee Portal Lanading page. This configurable company home page, consists of widgets that link you to Service Catalogs, Workspaces, Links, Service Desk Requests, and much more.
  • My Services
Access to the Service Catalog
This may not appear, if the Employee Portal has been enabled, and will be replaced by a Company Home option as described above.
The News Feed is a collation of all the posts and comments made in activity streams that you are following.
Your profile is your identity in Hornbill. Information that you provide can help others know more about you. Your settings can determine how you interact with other users.
Activities are your to do list. These can be created manually from your activities views, from entity views in installed line of business applications, and or created automatically by workflow in a Business process
The Co-workers acts as a staff directory for all the users in Hornbill. From this list you can search for co-workers to get contact information such as an email address or phone number.
A Workspace is a place where you can bring together a group of Users to collaborate around a common topic.
Conversations are a way to discuss anything between Co-workers, in a more informal way than Workspaces.
Manage your reoccurring jobs. Activities can be scheduled to automatically reoccur on definable intervals.
Search and View Sites
Create and give your co-workers achievement awards for great work or collaboration.


Create, Manage, and view all your contacts that are external to your business
Create, Manage, and view information about organizations that are external to your business


Access shared mailboxes

The Mailboxes View gives you access to the Shared Mailboxes that you have been given access to.