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Your profile is your identity in Hornbill. Information that you provide can help others know more about you. Your settings can determine how you interact with other users. You can update your profile at any time by selecting the ‘My Profile’ option on the Collaboration icon. Your profile can also be accessed from the user menu on your profile image in the top right.

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Your Buzz, located on your profile, acts as a personal workspace where you can post thoughts and ideas. Your Buzz is visible to all users and any followers will receive updates for any Post or Comment made to your Buzz on their News Feed.


The About section contains all the detailed information about you.


See what award your co-workers have given you


See who is following you, who you follow and which workspaces you are a member of


Manage your preferences, and devices which you access Hornbill on


Set your current availability and supporting message. This will be seen by other co-workers when they mention you in posts and comments.


Service Manager

  • With Service Manager installed you can review which assets are assigned to you
  • When viewing your own or a co-workers profile you can view the requests you / they are a customer of, and the services you / they are subscribed too.
  • When assigning requests, your current availability and message will be visible
  • Your current availability can be used in business process routing rules like Most Available and Round Robin Automated Assignment