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Bookmarks allow each user to save any Hornbill web page, and provide a quick access to them. In addition a full history of all the Hornbill web pages a user visit persists across browsers and sessions and provides contextual information about the bookmark and history pages.

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Bookmark Categories

In order to Bookmark content, we must first create Bookmark Categories against which we can add the Bookmarks.

  • Think about how you want to group your Bookmarks, say Things to Review, or Requests to review, Documents i need to look at or whatever makes sense to you.

Create a Bookmark Category from the right hand side BookMarks collapsable panel, and from the drop down menu choose Add Bookmark Category

  • Give the Bookmark Category a name and select OK, it's as simple as that
  • Remember these are persona to you and will not be used by any other Hornbill user.

Adding Bookmarks

You can bookmark any Hornbill content, be it a post in a workspace, a document or a request.

  • From the Bookmarks side bar, and with the required Bookmark Category selected from the drop down, simple click Bookmark Current Page
  • This will add the current page as a Bookmark to that Bookmark Category


  • From any Post on an activity stream, use the More Actions drop down, select Add Bookmark and then the Bookmark Category you wish to add the Post too
  • This will add that page as a Bookmark to the chosen Bookmark Category

Using and Removing Bookmarks

Once you have Bookmarked content you can easily access it from the Bookmarks collapsible side bar.


To open a Bookmark link, simple use the drop down menu to navigate to the required Bookmark Category and click on the Open link or the Icon next to the Bookmark you wish to view


Use the quick search filter to find a specific Bookmark based on it's title or description


Hover over the Bookmark you wish to edit, and select the Cog Icon to:

  • Edit the Category under which the Bookmark should be grouped
  • Edit the Bookmark title
  • Edit the Bookmark Description


Remove the Bookmark by hovering over the bookmark and selecting the Trash Can icon.

Bookmark History

By default every Hornbill page you visit it marked, and you can view the history of all the pages you have visited from the History option in the drop down menu.