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Create and give your co-workers achievement awards for great work or collaboration.

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Setting Up Achievement Awards


A user with the Admin role, or a custom role with the canManageAchievements application right will see an Achievements menu option in the collaboration menu.


Add a new Achievement Category by selecting on the +Add icon, and give the Category a name.

  • Edit existing Achievement Categories by selecting the Pencil icon next to the Category
  • Delete an Achievement Category by selecting the Trash Can icon next to the Category you wish to delete


To Add a new Achievement to an Achievement Category, highlight the Category and then select the +Add icon under the Achievements title

  • Give the new Achievement a title
  • Define the reason for the Achievement
  • Delete an Achievement by selecting the Trash Can next to the Achievement you wish to delete

Information & Icons

To assign an Achievement an icon, select the Achievement under the Achievement section and see it's information displayed in the Information section. Click on an Icon from the icon list and see it refresh against the Achievement in the Information section, select the Disk icon to save the changes.

  • Edit the Title or Reason of an Achievement by selecting the Achievement and making the edits in the achievement section and selecting the Disk icon to save the changes.

Awarding Achievements

Co-Worker Award.png

Co-workers can award their peers an Achievement Award from the hover over pop-up information boxes for their co-workers, they can see the pop-up my hovering over a co-workers image from say the Co-Workers directory or on any post or comment on an activity stream.

  • Choose Award
  • Select the Achievement Category
  • Select the Achievement Award from the Category
  • If required edit the Reason text and select Award

Viewing Achievements

View all Achievement which a co-worker has been Awarded from the Achievement tab on their Profile.

  • If a co-worker is awarded an Achievement it will be written to their Buzz, and visible to any other co-workers which are following the co-worker