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The News Feed is a collation of all the posts and comments made in activity streams that you are following. These activity streams can include Workspaces, Users' Buzz, the timelines on incidents, problems, and changes in Service Manager, documents in Document Manager and Configuration Items in Configuration Manager.

The News Feed provides real time visibility of new posts and comments, making sure you have instant visibility of the updates made to the things that are most important to you.

The News Feed can be accessed from the main Application Menu located in the top left of the browser window, and then by selecting the News Feed menu item displayed under the Home icon.

The News Feed and it's content are also accessible via the Hornbill Mobile Native apps for iOS and Android.

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Post something to my Buzz

Adding a post at the top of the News Feed will add a post to your personal Buzz located on your Profile. There are two options when posting. You can either add a standard post or you can Ask a question.

Order your News Feed

There are two options for ordering your News Feed

  • Most recently posted
Displays the posts in chronological order from when the post was added
  • Most recently updated
Displays the posts in chronological order based on the most recent comments to the post

Add a Comment

Within each Post added to your News Feed, you are able to add a comment to contribute to the post. Clicking on the Comment link will expand a section to allow you to enter your response.

Like a Post or a Comment

Each Post and Comment has an option to Like.

  • Clicking on Like will add your name as someone that likes that post or comment
  • You then have an option to Unlike if you which to remove yourself
  • Hovering your mouse over the Likes will show you a list of the people that have liked that post or comment
  • Clicking on the number of likes will open a popup that shows the full list of the users that liked the post or comment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add formatting to my text?
People often want to be able to add a bit formatting to their comment. This might be making something bold or italic, or creating a bullet list. This is done using wiki markup. The available options can be seen here.
Can I edit my Comment?
Yes, but be quick! There is an edit option under the More Actions option on the comment. However, once someone has liked your comment or another comment has been added after yours, you can no longer make an edit.