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Activities are your to do list. These can be created manually from your activities views, from entity views in installed line of business applications, and or created automatically by workflow in a Business process.

Activities can be viewed and completed in many different locations.

  • My Activities
  • My Activities Side Bar
  • Hornbill Mobile
  • In line of business application views

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My Activities View

Activities can be viewed in traditional list, board and calendar views.

Manage Your Activities View

Hornbill: Collaboration – My Activities

Manage which activities are visible using the various filter and sort options available. These filters will apply across the List, Board and Calendar views when applied.

  • Filter: Use the free text search to match the content of the activities title to filter the activities displayed on the List, Board or Calendar views.
  • Views: Create custom views which will manage which activities will be displayed on the List, Board or Calendar views.
  • Default Filter: Will show all activities which are not Cancelled or Completed
  • Add new list: Create a new view by using the Add a new list option, giving the list a name and using the clause builder to define the conditions for the view.
  • Edit / Delete: Edit an existing view using the Cog icon next to the view in the list. Delete a view by using the Trash Can icon next to the view in the list.
  • Type: Choose Activities, Appointments or Both
  • Status: Filter the displayed Activities by their Status
  • All My Tasks: Filter the displayed Activities by Ownership
  • User - Filter Activities by any User's which you manage (Based on being the Manager defined against another User's Profile)
  • Personal - Use the My Activities Personal.png icon when in the User view to show any Activities marked as Personal (Private)
  • Role - Filter Activities by any specific role which is assigned to you, and where Activities have been assigned to that role
  • Group - Filter Activities by a specific group which you are a member of, and where Activities have been assigned to that group.
  • View activities assigned to other users in the group
  • User's marked as a Manager of the group (Assigned to users when they are added to the organizational groupings in the admin console), will have the ability to reassign the activity to another user in the group, another group, user or role.

List View

View your activities in a traditional view, see progress, choose displayed columns and sort the order of activities by the different columns.

Board View

View your activities on boards, create and configure multiple board views setting custom lists and criteria which will dynamically show activities which match the list criteria.

Calendar View

View your activities in a calendar view, with options to view daily, weekly or monthly.


My Activities Side Bar

Access your activities from any view on Hornbill by using the collapsable My Activities Side Bar