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A Workspace is a place where you can bring together a group of Users to collaborate around a common topic. Workspaces are made up of Posts and Comments on it's activity stream. You can set up a workspace about any relevant theme that you want to share with others in your organisation. Add images, videos, links, ask questions, or just write a comment. It is a great place to keep informed and up to date.

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Workspace Lists

The Workspaces page allows you to view the available workspaces, add new workspaces, and manage the workspaces that you own. The Workspaces page is accessed from the Home Menu and selecting the option Workspaces

  • My Workspaces
Workspaces that you are a member of, including workspaces you own. This is the default list when you first come to the Workspaces
  • Unread Workspaces
A list of workspaces where there have been updates that you have not yet read
  • Owned Workspaces
Workspaces that you have created and you are the owner. Use this list to help manage the workspaces that you own.
  • Public Workspaces
A list of workspaces that are Public and you are not yet a member.

Create a Workspace

If you want to create a new workspace to provide an area to discuss a topic or area of the business, you can create a workspace and add members whom you want as part of your discussion. To add a new workspace, click on the Create Workspace button on the Workspace List tool bar.

  • Workspace Name
This will be the name that is displayed in any list where this Workspace can be seen.
  • Workspace Description
Worthwhile having a good description of your workspace, especially on a public workspace. The description will let a user know what your workspace is all about when viewing the list of Public Workspaces.
  • Add Members
You can add individual Users, members of a Role, or members of a Group to your workspace.
  • Type of Workspace
Depending on the content of a Workspace, you are able to select a workspace Type in order to control who has access.
  • Public
A Public workspace is visible to everyone. It appears in the list of Public Workspaces, and you can see what people have posted in it, and who are members. Anyone can join a Public workspace.
  • Secret
Secret workspaces are only visible to members. It only appears in a list of workspaces if you are a member. You cannot Join a Private workspace yourself - only the owner can add you as a member.

Join a Workspace

When viewing the list of public workspaces, a Join option is available on each listed Workspace. Clicking this button will add you as a member and provide an entry in the workspace, letting others know that you have joined.

You may also want to have a browse of the Workspace before joining. Clicking on the Workspace Name will open that workspace where you can see and read some of the posts to get an idea what the workspace is all about. Here too has an option to Join. In addition to this, a Silently option for joining is available which will prevent a post from being added to the workspaces announcing your new membership.

Viewing a Workspace

Workspace Buzz

Once you are a member of a workspace, either by joining yourself or by being added by a workspace owner you will be able to contribute to the workspace content. A workspace is another example of an activity stream and will provide it's members with the following functionality.

  • Post
Review existing posts by other workspace members and submit posts of your own
  • Questions
When adding a post, you can optionally choose to 'Ask a question', this will allow other members to provide answers to the question, and for the answers to be voted on, and if appropriate for you as the owner of the question, to flag one of the answers as the Posters choice which will pin that answer to the top of the submitted answers to your question
  • Comments
Review comments on existing posts, and submit comments of your own
  • Like
If you like a post or comment, tick the like button to show your positive reaction to it's content

Owners of workspaces can add Billboard Notices to the top of their workspaces, if they have news or information which they want to share with the workspace members. Billboard Notices can be configured by the owner under the Configure link.


View a list of all the members of the Workspace

Membership Properties

  • Leaving workspaces
Choose to leave the workspace using the Leave Workspace button, or choose Silently if you don't want a post to be added to the workspace announcing you have left the workspace, and for other members to receive a notification to that effect.
  • Notifications
As a member of the workspace you may wish to permanently or temporarily disable the receiving of notifications relating to posts and comments in the workspace. Select the Notifications Enabled button to disable notifications for this workspace, and select Notifications Disabled to re-enable them.


Service Manager

It is possible to automate the posting on and adding comments to workspaces from both the Hornbill Business Process Designer and from 3rd party tools using the Hornbill API's