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The Global Search Bar can be used to search for information held within all of the workspaces that you have access to. Advanced options are also available to select from in order to refine your searches. To perform a search on your workspaces, on the Global Search bar select Workspaces from the search options.

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Standard Search

A standard search can be performed by entering one or more words directly into the Global Search bar.

  • Posts and comments will be found that contain one or more of the provided words
  • Words with 2 or less characters are not included in the search
  • Common words such as and or are are not included in the search
  • Just the content of the posts and comments are searched

Filtered Search

When searching workspaces on the Global Search Bar you can select the small arrow within the search bar to expose options to filter your search on. These include:

  • Date
  • Posted by
  • Workspace

Advanced Search

There are a selection of operators and syntaxes available to perform advanced searches from the Global Search Bar. Some that are commonly used include:

Boolean Operators: AND (+), OR, NOT (-).

  • Must be in ALL CAPS
  • OR is the default
  • AND matches posts and comments that contain both words
  • NOT excludes posts and comments that contain that word

Wildcard Searches: *, ?

  • An * is used for a multiple character wildcard search
  • A ? is used for a single character wildcard search
  • Wildcards cannot be used at the beginning of a search term

Field Searches using fieldname:text

  • The name of a person that made the post or comment by using actorName:
  • The ID of the person that made the post or comment by using actorId:
  • The title of the post by using title:
  • The content of a post or comment by using content: