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It is possible to multi-select requests on the request list, and expose additional action options which can be applied to the selected requests.

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Using this feature

  • Individually select each request using the tick box next to each request
  • Alternatively hold Shift when selecting the first request, and then select another request and it will automatically select all requests in between
  • By default the multi-select options will only be available when selecting requests of the same type (Incidents, Changes etc), and those logged against the same Service. This is designed to support the fact that different business processes, logic and support teams may be applied to different Services. If this is not required on your instance, you can globally disable these restrictions.
  • Globally remove the Service restriction by disabling the following system setting > com.hornbill.servicemanager.requestList.restrictions.service
  • Globally remove the Request Type restriction by disabling the following system setting > com.hornbill.servicemanager.requestList.restrictions.type

Information By turning off the multi-select restrictions, the supporting teams logic is disabled on the assign option on the request list, making it possible to assign requests to teams which are not listed as supporting the services which requests are logged against.

  • Once a selection has been made, multi-select options become available in the menu bar.


  • Update - Apply an Update to multiple requests. Include text, images, mentions, wiki mark-up, embed rich media and other out of the box integrations with the update, not forgetting the option to set the visibility level for the update on each request.
  • Resolve or Close one or more requests in one action. Requests which are in a Resolved Status will show the option to Close.
  • Priority - Escalate or De-escalate multiple requests in one action
  • Cancel - Cancel multiple requests in one action

Information When performing multi-select Resolve / Close status actions on requests, these will not progress the business processes which are running against the requests (due to the unknown state of the processes on each request which is being updated, any outstanding tasks / authorisations etc). To ensure completion of the requests business processes, the requests should be in a suspend await resolution state then performing the multi-select action will invoke the next action in the process and their processes will continue.


Assign one or more requests to another team or analyst from the request list. Read more about request assignment, available teams and analyst presence and availability indicators here


Add the selected requests to an existing board and board list. Learn more about boards here


Select the visibility level for the timeline update on the requests being updated.