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Important Notice

The Service Manager feature My Boards has been superseded by the Hornbill Board Manager App. This is an important message to let you know that the My Boards feature will no longer be functional as of November 30th. An option to migrate your Service Manager Boards to the Hornbill Board Manager app will be provided and the instructions will be available on this page.


In place of the Service Manager My Boards feature, you can install the subscription free Board Manager app. Board Manager is available within the Hornbill App Store. If you are currently using the Service Manager My Boards feature, you will be presented with an option to migrate your existing Service Manager boards over to Board Manager once the Board Manager app has been installed.

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This section will take you through the migration of your Service Manager Boards to Board Manager. This requires that Board Manager is already installed and the Users that currently have a Service Manager board have been given the Board Manager role Board User.

Quick Steps

  1. Make sure that the Board Manager app is installed
  2. Give all the appropriate users access to the Board Manager app using the Board User role
  3. Run the migration tool on each individual Service Manager Board that you want to continue to use
  4. Using the migration report, update all of the BPMs and Reports that reference the board being migrated
  5. Delete any unused Service Manager boards that you don't want to migrate
  6. Start using Board Manager

Installing Board Manager

Before migration can take place, The Board Manager app must be installed.

  • Using the Admin portal, navigate to the Hornbill App Store and locate the Board Manager application.
  • Click on the Install button to install.

Board Manager Roles

This next step requires that you give access to the appropriate users that are currently using the Service Manager Boards. They will need access to Board Manager in order to migrate their Service Manager Boards.

  • Board BPM Access
Allows users to call the Board BPM Operations but does not give access to boards
  • Board Super User
Full unrestricted access to all boards
  • Board User
Access to the Board Manager Application. This will give users access to view boards that have been shared with them or to create boards of their own. The role will be needed for all users that are migrating to Board Manager.

Notification of Deprecation

Once this is in affect any user that accesses the Service Manager Boards will be presented with this notice on the landing page and at the top of each Board.

Important Notice

The Service Manager feature My Boards has been superseded by the Hornbill Board Manager App. This is an important message on how to ensure that your processes continue to run smoothly after 31/10/2021. The Service Manager Boards will no longer be functional from this date. - See more on this and migrating to Board Manager App here

Migration Tool

The migration tool is available on each individual Service Manager Board. This is accessed through the red Migration button located at the top right of each board. This button will only be visible to users that have the new Board User role associated to their user profile. The automated steps that are completed by the migration tool are:

  • Copy board details
  • Copy non-archived lanes
  • Copy comments and requests cards
  • Copy boards members to Board Share functionality
  • Update SLM Events to new BM Boards
  • Update SLM Request Events to new BM Boards

The Migration tool runs a pre-migration check that identifies BPM workflows and reports that are using the board that is being migrated. The updating of these workflows and reports is a manual process and will need to be done immediately following the migration. Before continuing, make a note of the list of workflows and report.

It may also be the case that you have active requests that use these BPM workflows. Using the Manage Executed Processes tool, you can filter the list of active BPMs by the most recent BPM version and update the nodes where appropriate.


The following documentation refers to the Service Manager My Boards feature which has been superseded by the Board Manager app. This information will remain in place up until the migration options to move from Service Manager Boards to Board Manager is available.

Create a Board

Create a new board

The My Boards option is accessed from Service Manager menu in the Application bar on the left hand side. Selecting this will take you to the My Boards landing page which lists all of the boards that you have access to.

  1. Click on the Create Board button
  2. Add a title for your board. The name is used as the title when viewing this board. This title is also used when assigning a request to the board.
  3. Add a description. The description is displayed as the sub-title when viewing this board.
  4. Set an Owner. By default this will be the name of the person creating the board, but it is possible to assign ownership to another person. If you assign ownership to someone else, you will no longer be able to manage the board once it has been saved.
  5. Click Create Board to save your board. This will now be visible from your board's landing page and available for requests to be added.

Share a Board

Share Board.png

Once a Board has been created, the owner of the board can choose to Share the board with other users and teams. A Board can be shared with multiple users and teams and this is configured under the Edit Board option.

Boards can be shared in two ways:

  • User: Search and share the Board with one or multiple users
  • Team: Search and share the Board with one or multiple teams

Select Add to Share

When sharing a board with Users and Teams, you can choose to allow them to be able to modify the Board when you add them. Assigning the Can Modify to Users or team's will allow them to:

  • Add Requests to the Board (Both from the Board itself, and or from Requests, and the Request List through the Add to Board options)
  • Add Comment Cards to the Board

Users and Teams who are not assigned the rights to modify the board, will still be able to view the Board in a Read'Only role, but they will not have the option to add requests and comment cards.

Assigning a User or Team modify rights does not allow them to view the Edit Board options to administer the Board.

Users and Team's rights to view and modify a Board can be managed by the Board Owner, and through the Edit Board option, they can remove Users and Teams, as well as change their rights to modify the Board.

Edit a Board

  1. Launch My Boards from the Service Desk icon on the left hand menu.
  2. Select the board that you wish to edit
  3. Select the Edit Board button

Owners can:

  • Change the Title or Description of the Board
  • Change who owns the Board
  • Add or Edit Lists for the Board
  • Add or Edit who the Board has been shared with, and their rights to modify the Board.

Using Boards

Add Requests to a Board

There are a few different areas from where you can add requests to a Board. Requests can be added either manually or automatically.

Request List

  • Add from the Request List by selecting the check boxes for the requests and then 'Add to Board' on the request list toolbar
  • Add from the Request List by hovering over the Request ID of the request you want to add and then click the 'Add to Board' button

Request Record

  • When viewing a record for an incident, problem, change, service request, or known error, the Add to Boards action item allow you to select the Board and the list that you wish to add that request to.

Managing Request Cards

  • Moving - To Move requests from one list to another simply drag and drop as needed
  • Removing - To remove a request from a board, select the bin icon and click yes in the confirmation dialog box


You can add a comment card to the board using 'Add Comment' to breakup lists into sub-groups

Color Codes

The change in the status of a request will alter the color of the request on the Board

  • White - New or Open
  • Green - Resolved
  • Grey - Closed
  • Pink - Cancelled

List Headers

  • Select a image icon to filter the board to only show the requests assigned to a specific analyst, click again to return to a view showing all requests for all analysts
  • Hover over the List Header Numeric indicator to see a breakdown of the number of Requests versus Comment cards for the list.

View Members

Provides visibility of who the owner of the Board is, and who the Board has been shared with.

View Log

An audit trail of changes is available by selecting the 'View Log' option

Board Automation

The adding, moving, and removing of requests on a Board can be automated through the configuration of the Business Process workflows associated used by the different requests. The configuration of this is done through Hornbill Administration.

Using automation to manage requests on a board can be particularly useful when a board has been created that represents the process stages for the requests assigned to that board.

- Automatically by using a Business Process workflow - Business Process Automation