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When you are creating or updating Activity Streams (for a post or a comment), you can highlight one or more co-workers using a mention. Try mentioning them using the '@' signs and then their first name. As you type, a list of people will appear. Select the person you want to mention, and see both their presence and availability status.

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Targeted Communications

Doing this, the person will receive a Hornbill notification that you mentioned them in a post. They'll also be able to see the post which they were mentioned in, even if the post wasn't originally shared with them.

Mentioning people is particularly useful when you're on a huge post and you want to address someone specifically, or when you want to add someone to a post.

To watch this in action please see this brief Video:-

Information Currently if you receive a notification that you have been mentioned you will not be able to see the post if its not for a closed workspace. If its for a public workspace that you do not belong to you will need to join the workspace to add a comment.