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Service Manager is a powerful next generation IT Service Management application that enables IT teams to collaborate, share ideas, and manage common ITIL disciplines including Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, and Service Level Management.

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Request List

The Request List is the key area for the day to day management of the queues of requests that have been raised. Each user can use a number of settings to display the information that it most relevant to the way that they work. From the request list, a user can view requests, raise new requests, access their own personal dashboard, and export the list of requests.

Change Calendar

The Change Calendar provides a view of the scheduled changes and release packages. This gives an indication of the availability of a change or the possible disruption of a change being implemented.

My Boards

My Boards is a feature of Service Manager that provides an alternative way to view and manage requests. Each board consists of a number of definable lists that can contain request in the form of a card. These request cards can either be manually added and moved between lists or they can be added and moved automatically through the use of BPM workflows.

  • Create a Board
  • Share a Board
  • Use a Board
  • Edit a Board

Asset Management

Asset Management involves the capturing and detailing of information for the assets within your Organization. This includes tracking the ownership, costs, relationships, and life cycle of assets to support the strategic decision making for the IT environment.

Service Portfolio

In Service Manager, a Service is used to manage and define an area of the Service Desk that fulfills a particular business need for a customer. This is achieved using a combination of service levels, business process workflows, request routing, and subscriptions to each of the services. The number of defined services may range from a single service used to define and manage all IT requests, to a collection of categorized services, with each one providing a particular focus.


Hornbill and its applications provide a number of level of reporting. This includes Hornbill System Reports, Analytics, and integrations to 3rd Party reporting solutions. The Service Manager Reports are provided as out of the box, industry standard reports which have been predefined to inform, analyze, and plan without the complications of report building using complicated design tools or query languages. While the hard work is done for you, these reports can still be easily modified and filtered to show just the information you need.



A very powerful aspect to Hornbill is the ability of the different Apps to work together. Below are some of these plug-ins between Service Manager and other Hornbill Apps

Service Manager Plug-ins to other Apps

When viewing an email within a Shared Mailbox, Service Manager adds a plug-in to allow requests to be raised or updated from the email.
  • Posts
When viewing a Post within a workspace or the Newfeed, you are able to raise a request from the Actions menu which will capture information from the Post and add it to the new request
When viewing an Organisation or Contact record within the Customer feature of Hornbill, a list of requests that have been raised against contacts belonging to that Organisation can be viewed.
The Global Search is a feature of Hornbill that can provide search features for the different installed apps. Service Manager provides a Global Search option for searching the contents of the Requests.
When viewing a Co-worker's Profile you are able to view the requests that have been raised for that user along with the Services that they are subscribed to. The Request List functions in the same way as the main request list and respects the rights and access that the support person has to the requests, only showing those that are assigned to their teams or the services that they support.

App Plug-ins to Service Manager

With Timesheet Manager installed alongside Service Manager, it is possible to record the time spent on request actions and pass the time spent, and action details to Timesheet Manager.
With Configuration Manager installed alongside Service Manager, it is possible to launch the Configuration Item Explorer from Asset, Service and Request views as well as activate activity streams and enable the creation of activities against assets which are flagged as In Policy in Configuration Manager. Read more about Configuration Manager
With Service Manager installed alongside Live Chat, it is possible to raise requests from a chat session directly linking the request to all of the valuable information captured in the chat session. When a request is raised from a chat session, the transcript from the chat is added to the request. The transcript is displayed within its own section on the request. This allows users that don't have a Live Chat subscription the ability to still see the transcript. Read more about Live Chat
The Document Manager Plug-in allows you to search and link documents held within Document Manager and store them against a Request.
With Project Manager installed alongside Service Manager, it is possible to create new Projects from business processes run in Service Manager using the Hornbill iBridge, and relate requests, services and assets to Projects in Project Manager
With Supplier Manager installed alongside Service Manager it is possible to access supplier contract information for assets when they are linked to a request and initiate Supplier events and track their response times. Please see the Service Manager Plugins section on the Supplier page for more details.

Experimental Features

Hornbill may introduce new features in an experimental state, customers can choose to enable, use and provide feedback on these features. These features are subject to change and or removal.