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Hornbill is a powerful cloud based collaboration tool designed to share ideas and information. In order to make our tool as flexible as possible, we integrate with other cloud based services in order to make sharing or content, including rich media easy, seamless and transparent. Generally speaking, integration in this context means being able to understand, embed and communicate with other popular cloud services. The following is a list of the services we have pre-integrated with and simply work our of the box.

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Existing Integration

The following are a list of integrations with other popular cloud services, which you can embed into posts and comments in your activity streams.

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Prezi
  • Twitter
  • Webm
  • Gifv
  • Giphy
  • Emojis
  • Microsoft Stream

If there are specific popular cloud services that you would like to see us integrate with please let us know by posting on our Hornbill Forum

Embedding Links to Hornbill Entities

As well as embedding content through integrations with other cloud services, it is also possible to embed links to the following Hornbill entities in Activity Stream posts and comments.

  • Documents
  • Contacts and Organisations
  • Workspaces

To embed links to the above Hornbill entities, type a forward slash(/) followed by the specifc entity name and then search the entity contents which you have the rights to view.

Review the video opposite to see examples for Documents, Contacts, Organisations and Workspaces.

  • Requests

To embed a link to a Service Manager request in a post or comment, take the full url for the request from the browser address bar, and copy it into the post or comment box.

When added to the activity stream, the request reference link, and summary will be shown allowing a user to click and open the request (if they have the rights to view it)

Embed requests.png