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Once the Timesheet plugin has been configured to be available on the required Request Action options, it will be visible on the request view, and will offer the ability to both manually record time, and or start an automated timer.

  • The ability to record time against Request Actions will only be available to those users who have been assigned the TimeSheet Manager User Role.
  • The ability to record time against one or all Request Action options will have been enabled or disabled on a per Request Action, Per Request Type, and Per Service basis, so to amend this please review the configuration options for enabling the Timesheet Manager plugin.
  • Service Manager specific Categories, and Sub-Categories that have been configured as default category mappings in Timesheet Manager will automatically appear in the corresponding request actions.

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Recording Time

Time sheeet service manager plugin.png

When using a Request Action which allows for time to be completed, the following control will be visible:

The control has two main options:

  • Click the play button to start a live timer
  • Once running, click the pause button to pause the timer
  • It will not be possible to manually overwrite the timer, unless you pause the timer first.
Timesheet manager plugin time.png
  • Set a Specific time taken by clicking on the middle of the control and adding time in hours, minutes and or seconds.
  • If a Default Category / Sub Category for the Request Action has been set, there is no need to add one manually, however if you wanted to view what this is set as, or to change this to another Category / Sub Category.

On completing the Request Action, any specified time will automatically be passed to the TimeSheet Manager app, using the appropriate Category / Sub Category associated to the Request Action, and passing any supporting comments, who performed the action and when the action was performed.

Viewing Time Recorded Against a Request

As Request updates are applied to a request and time assigned to the actions, the total time recorded on the Request Actions will automatically aggregate and displayed on the request and in the timesheet manager app.

Viewing Time in Request

Under the activities section of a request, the running total of time recorded will be displayed, click on the time element to open up a charts pop up:

  • By Category (Sub Category)
Timesheet plugin SM.png
  • Choose from the available chart types
  • Choose from the available chart themes
  • Click on a Category to drill down and show the sub category breakdown

  • By Member
Timesheet plugin members.png
  • View member contributions in percentage terms
  • Choose from the available chart types
  • Choose from the available chart themes

  • All Values
Timesheet plugin list.png
  • View a list of all updates to a request where time was recorded
  • Hover over an entry to see the details of the individual update
  • Hover over the member image to view more information about the member

Viewing time in Timesheet Manager

As well as viewing the time for the specific request, you can also view your timesheet and all recorded time, across all requests, and other apps in the Timesheet Manager app.

  • Daily Views
  • Weekly Views
  • Monthly Views