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Emails can be a common way for customers and users to report issues. These emails can be received in Shared Mailboxes and using the Service Manager Mailbox Plug-in you are able to either raise a new request or update an existing request from one of these emails. These options on the email will only be visible to those with access to Service Manager.

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Raise a Request

The Raise Request option will allow you to take the contents of the email and raise a new request within Service Manager. A Progressive Capture script will be used for raising these requests and the following forms will work with the incoming email.

  • Customer Search
When one of the Customer Search, Contact Search, or Co-worker Search progressive capture forms are used, a lookup will take place to match the email of the sender to a Customer or Co-worker record. In the rare situation that you have two different records with the same email address, you will be prompted to select one of the records. If no match is made, the Customer Search form will be blank and you will be given the opportunity to search and find an appropriate user to associate the new request to. If one of the Customer Search, Contact Search, or Co-worker Search forms are not included in progressive capture, the request will be raised without a customer.
  • Request Details
When the Progressive Capture Request Details form is used, the summary will be automatically populated by the subject of the email and the description will be populated by the body of the email. Both fields can be edited in order to remove any unnecessary text prior to raising the request. The original email will remain intact with the original text and will be accessible from within the request after it has been raised. If the Request Details form is not included in progressive capture, the summary and description on the request will not be populated.
  • Add Attachments
When the Progressive Capture Add Attachments form is used, any attachments that where included in the email will be automatically added to this form. A description can be added to each attachment to make it easier for other users to know the purpose of the file. Attachments can also be removed at this point, which is particularly useful images are included in email signatures. If the Add Attachments form is not included in progressive capture, all the attachments on the email will be added to the request.

Update a Request

The Update option allows you to take an email and update an existing request in Service Manager

  • Customer Requests
Once the Apply to Request option has been selected, the email address from the sender of the email will used to look up and display any active requests that have been raised for that customer.
  • Request ID
If a customer is not located, or a customer does not have any active requests, or if an alternate request that has not been presented requires updating, the Request ID can be entered in to locate and select a request. This must contain the full Request ID in order to locate the request.
  • Attachments
If there are attachments included in the incoming email, an Attachments tab is displayed and will allow you select which attachments you would like to include as an attachment to the request being raised. A user friendly description of each file being attached can be included.


There are a number of settings that are available in Administration to managed some of the default behavior for the Service Manager Email Plug-in. These can be found under Service Manager->Settings in Administration.

  • Progressive Capture
When raising a request from an email, the Raise New progressive capture is used by default. The default can be changed using this Service Manager setting app.itsm.progressiveCapture.newRequest
  • Email Archiving
After an email has been used to raise a new request or update an existing request the setting can be turned on to automatically archive the email. The specifies the folder where to send the archived email. The default setting for this is Deleted Items
  • RegEx patterns
When updating a request from an email, if a request ID has been provided in the subject of the email, an automatic lookup to match the email to the request is performed. In cases where the format of the request ID has been changed from the default configuration, the new format needs to be specified in order to perform this automatic lookup. The following settings are available to provide a RegEx expression for each request type and can be accessed in Administration under Service Manager -> Settings