Project Assumptions

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Project Assumptions are things which you expect to be true but may not have the evidence to support it. Project Assumptions could be events or circumstances which you expect to occur in the lifecycle of a project.

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Adding assumptions to a project

Use the + icon to add a new assumption to the project

  • Assumption: Provide a name for the assumption
  • Details: Provide details for the assumption
  • Actions: Provide any actions to the assumption
  • Reasons: Provide any supporting reasons for the assumption
  • Review Date: Assign a date to review the assumption
  • Owned By: Assign the assumption an owner (from project members
  • Status: Assign the assumption a status to reflect it's current state.

Use the Add button to add the project assumption

Managing assumptions on a project

Open an existing assumption by clicking on the assumption from the assumption list view

  • Status: Alter the status of the assumption to indicate if it is still open or closed
  • Audit: All changes to the assumption will be recorded in the audit log.
  • Delete: Delete an assumption by using the trash can icon on each assumptions view

List View

View project assumption, by their name, status, review date and owner

  • Click on an assumption to edit it's properties
  • Search the project assumption from the Search field
  • The search will look for a match with the assumptions name


When project assumptions are added, edited or removed this is audited and written to the audit trail tab of the overall project as well as against the audit tab on each Assumption, where it can reviewed.