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Project Manager allows Project Managers and stakeholders to raise and manage programmes and projects. Bring together scheduling, resources, project plans, tasks, costs, and much more to plan and manage your projects. With the use of the Hornbill's Business Process Manager, build projects that follow anything from a simple workflow to an industry-standard Project Management processes.

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Portfolio Management allows the management of multiple Programmes, each containing multiple projects. If you have the Programme Manager role, you will have visibility of all programmes.
The project portfolio provides a list of the active projects that you are a stakeholder in. Projects where you are not either the Project Manager or a Stakeholder will not be available from this view unless you have the Project Portfolio Manager role which grants visibility to all projects in the portfolio.


A very powerful aspect to Hornbill is the ability of the different Apps to work together. Below are some of these plug-ins between Project Manager and other Hornbill Apps

  • Service Manager
With Service Manager installed, Project Stakeholders can relate Requests, Assets and Services to Projects. In order to use this feature, Project Manager users will require a Service Manager subscription.
Using Hornbill's Integration Bridge (iBridge) you can raise a new Project from a business process running against a Service Manager request. This is useful if you want to allow users to submit project requests via the self service portals using Service Manager's catalog items and then from the request, if the project is validated / approved a new project can be automatically raised using the iBridge options and invoking Project Templates and or passing in request variables to the new Project.
  • Document Manager
With Document Manager installed, Project Stakeholders can search for and relate documents they have access to with the projects.
  • Board Manager
With Board Manager installed, Project Stakeholders can place and move projects on boards both within the current project and also on external boards.
Add custom buttons to your project forms. Use these to cloud / browser based services, and or invoke iBridge operations at a point in time.