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A project is a set of related activities, managed in a coordinated fashion and under a structure that allows for the delivery of business benefits. Each project is divided into two central sections with an additional settings area that is reserved for the project manager and is accessed from the project icon on the right hand side:

  • Main Tabs
  • Small Tabs
  • Project Settings

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Main Tabs


Available Tabs

  • Project Overview - The Project Overview Tab gives a stakeholder a quick view of the current state of the Project. At a glance, you are able to see the milestones and some key Project information.
  • Details - The Project Details provides information about the project's purpose and scope. View this information to know more about the goals of the project.
  • Scope Changes - Some projects can change dramatically in scope over the course of their life cycle. Record individual scope changes to the project and how it impacts the overall cost and delivery.
  • Tasks - Tasks are a key aspect of all projects. Plan, schedule and assign tasks that are required to fulfil your project.
  • Resources - View and Analyse Project Resources
  • Relationships - Associate related entities to the project and define how they are related. It is possible to relate Change and Release Requests, Services and Configuration Items if the Service Manager Application is also installed on your instance.
  • Budgets - Understanding and managing the budget sources of a project can be complicated. Associate multiple budget lines to the project if it is funded from multiple sources.
  • Costs - Understanding and managing the costs associated with a project is an important consideration. Associate estimated and actual costs to the project.
  • RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies) - Add and manage project Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependancies
  • RAG Tolerances - Knowing how you are performing in different aspects of your project is vital. Introduce and manage RAG tolerances for different areas of your project.

Small Tabs


Available Tabs

  • Timeline - Collaborate with other project stakeholders.
  • Documents - The Document option is part of the Document Manager Plug-in to Project Manager. See Project Manager Plug-ins.
  • Attachments - Upload attachments relevant to your project.
  • Links - Add clickable links (URL's) to your project.
  • Stakeholders - Manage the members of the project, assign roles and give them access to your projects and have them available to be assigned project tasks.
  • Tags - If you have the Project Administrator role, you can define the tags that are available in Hornbill Project Manager. Tags are a great way of adding multiple categorisations to existing projects.
  • Audit History - The audit history records all adds, edits or deletions for project entities such as milestones, tasks, risks, costs and stakeholders.

Project Settings


The project manager of each project has access to the settings tab which allows them to control different aspects of the project.

Available Tabs

  • Project Logic - Controls for project logic such as which RAG Tolerance Matrix to use or whether or not to automatically audit daily project costs and risks.
  • Reports - Pre defined project reports (more to follow)
  • Time Recording - Overall time recorded against the project along with more specific settings. Requires access to Hornbill Timesheet Manager.
  • Tabs - Enables/disables tabs/functionality on a project.
  • Role Permissions - Configure specific permissions against project roles, like allowing all project members to view costs but not add or update them.