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:* [[Advanced Analytics]]
:* [[Advanced Analytics]]
:* [[Application_Entity_Viewer|Application Entity Viewer]]
:* [[Application_Entity_Viewer|Application Entity Viewer]]
:* [[Service_Manager_Reports|Service Manager In-App Reporting]]

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[edit] Introduction

The Hornbill Administration comes with a powerful, enterprise reporting solution to allow you build and extract the business intelligence that you require. Standard reporting comes as part of the service manager application while the Measures, Widgets, Dashboards and Slideshows features form the Hornbill Performance Analytics package which can be purchased separately.

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[edit] Features

[edit] Measures

In order to provide strategic business intelligence through reporting one of the key requirements is to define measures that are sampled and stored periodically. Once these measures are stored over a period of time the type of reporting possible is expanded considerably and include things like trending, performance measurement against goals and thresholds, and predictions based on historical trends

[edit] Widgets

Widgets are provided to create plug in data that can be used to build Dashboards. Some widget types make use of existing measures and provide the ability to display them in a more appealing format. Certain widget types allow you to return and display data based on configuration carried out within the widget.

[edit] Dashboards

Dashboards are used to display widget content.

[edit] Slideshows

Slideshows provide a way of automatically presenting a number of Dashboards one after another, and against definable transitions periods.

[edit] Reports

Reports are used to collect specific data for your reporting needs. The reports in Hornbill are point in time, meaning that the data is accurate at the point when the report is run. There are various different options with reports which will be explored in more detail in the following sections.

[edit] Useful References

Full schema information and table descriptions can be found in the Application entity viewer located in Hornbill Administration: Click here for more info

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