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Each Hornbill application is delivered with access to its database schema and entity relationships. This is useful when trying to understand where to identify tables, table columns, primary keys, and suitable fields for making your table joins. This functionality is intended to make your quest for information that little bit easier when constructing those all important analytics and management reports.

Accessing the Entity Viewer in the Administration Tool is only open to user's who are assigned the role Super User Role.

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  • Entity Information - Provides a visual interface to explore the application tables and how they relate to each other. A quick way to identify extended tables and the columns that create table links. Click on a table and use the "Description" and "Information" buttons to the top right of the graphical user interface to explore each table in more detail.
  • Database Schema Information - a simple description of each application table. Understand more about the columns contained in the tables including a supporting description, type, and information on which columns are indexed.