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Slideshows provide a way of automatically presenting a number of Dashboards one after another, and against definable transitions periods. These dashboards are great for large screen displays within your support center or they can be accessed by individuals via a Web Browser. The Slideshows are located within the Advanced Analytics under each application in the Administration Portal

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Creating a new Slideshow

A new Slideshow can be created by clicking on the 'Create New Slideshow' button and giving the Slideshow a name.

  • Show
Select a Dashboard to display on the Slide from the drop down list (only the Dashboards marked as 'Available for Use' will be displayed).
  • For
The duration for which the Slide will be displayed before transitioning into the next.

Editing a Slideshow

Edit Slideshow.png

It is possible to edit existing Slideshows to add additional slides, remove slides, change the order in which the slides are displayed, change the Dashboard which appears on each slide and change the period for which each slide will be displayed.

  • Adding additional slides
Simply click on the + button and add a Dashboard, and the duration for which the Dashboard will be displayed
  • Removing an existing slide
Simply click on the 'Dustbin' Icon on a slide to remove it from the Slideshow
  • Reorder slides
Drag and Drop Slides to reorder the sequence in which they will display
  • Change the Dashboard being displayed on each slide
Simply select a different Dashboard from the dropdown list (only Dashboards marked as 'Available for Use' will be displayed)
  • Change the duration each slide will display before transitioning onto the next slide
Simply select a different time period for which the slide will be displayed
  • Creating a Clone
Select the dropdown control next to the Save (Disc) icon and choose the 'Save As' option. Give the Slideshow a new name, this will create a complete copy of the existing Slideshow.

Running a Slideshow

When a Slideshow is ready to be presented there are two display options to choose from.

  • Run Show
Click on the Play button, and the Slides will run in the order they have been configured.
  • Run Randomised
Select this option from the drop down control next to the Play button, and the slide will ignore the configured sequence and will display in a random order.

Autoplay a Slideshow

You can create a slideshow and have it set to Autoplay.

The URL you can use is as follows:<INSTANCENAME>/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/analytics/slideshows/<SLIDESHOWID/play/

  • Replace <INSTANCENAME> with your instance name
  • Replace <SLIDESHOWID> with the id of the slideshow you want to autoplay - you can see the ID of the slideshow in the URL bar of your browser once you are viewing a slideshow in the admin tool

Info - if you are intending to share the autoplay URL with other Hornbill Users please ensure the following:

  • The User has the Dashboard Viewer role
  • If you have applied Access Controls on the dashboards in the slideshow, that the user you want to view them via the slideshow has had the dashboards shared with them, their group or role

Deleting a Slideshow

Delete Slideshow.png

One or more Slideshows can be deleted by selecting (ticking) the slideshows you wish to delete, and then selecting the 'Delete Selected Slideshow' option which is available from the dropdown control next to the 'Create New Slideshow' button.