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Link Project Sub Statuses with Project Statuses. The available Sub Statuses are configured from the corresponding simple list.

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Linking Sub Statuses to Project Statuses

Select the + icon to create a new relationship

  • Status - Select the status you wish to link a Sub Status too
  • Sub Status - Select the Sub Status you wish to link

Select Create to add.

Repeat this process as needed to add more Sub Statuses to one or more Project Statuses.

Once created, the Sub-Status will be available to use from with in the Details section on the Project view, as well as in the Progressive Capture Status form.

Managing Sub Statuses

Edit and remove links, by selecting either the Pencil or Trash Can icons next to the Project Status / Sub Status you wish to edit or remove.

  • Removing a link will not affect existing Projects which have used a defined Sub Status
  • Removing a link will not delete the Sub Status (these are managed in the Sub Status Simple Lists)