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Associate the project stakeholders and their roles in the project. Associating users to the project will enable them to view the project, and be available to have project tasks assigned to them.

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Adding Stakeholders

By default the user who creates a new Project is added as a stakeholder and assigned the Project Manager role (this can be edited and changed if needed once the Project is created)

  • Select the + icon to add project stakeholders
  • Use the search box to find users (co-workers) you wish to add to the project, choose the role you wish to assign them from the drop down menu and optionally select their hourly rate for any work which they will carry out on this project.
  • With the user/s selected, role assigned and optional rates added select the Select Project Stakeholders to move them to the Selected Project Stakeholders list
  • You can now repeat the above for any other users you wish to add to the project if needed
  • When you have selected all the users you wish to add as Project Stakeholders use the Add icon to associate them to the project.
  • When a stakeholder is added they will be assigned an Active project status, if the stakeholder is no longer involved in the project you can use the edit option to change their project status.

information Rates for project stakeholders is currently for information purposes only, it will extend out in coming updates to allow you to record resource costs against project tasks.
information The Project Manager stakeholder role grants the stakeholder some additional capability when working with a Project. This is as follows; when creating a new project task, the owner is defaulted to the project manager. Only the project manager can take gantt chart snapshots. The other available stakeholder roles don't currently offer any special capability to the user.

Editing Stakeholders Role and Status

Select the stakeholder you wish to edit from the list

  • Change their role by choosing a role from the role drop down
  • Change their status by choosing from the status drop down
  • Change their project hourly rate (if applicable)

Removing Stakeholders

Select the stakeholder you wish to remove from the list

  • Select the Trash Can to remove them from the project.
  • Removing a stakeholder will remove them from the project and prevent future tasks being assigned to them

Finding Stakeholders

Use the Search option to find a stakeholder by name, and or use the filter options to filter the list of stakeholders by:

  • Role
  • Status

Stakeholder Roles

The Stakeholder roles are fed by a simple list which can be found in Hornbill Administration > Applications > Hornbill Project Manager > Simple Lists. Additional Stakeholder roles can be configured by editing the list called "Project Member Role" which defines the available roles that can be selected when adding a stakeholder to a project. Details of the simple lists which exist in Project Manager can be found here: Project Manager Simple Lists.