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Hornbill Roles are used to group users with similar access requirements to the different applications or to Administration. Using roles takes away the need to manage rights on a user by user basis.

All users of the Hornbill Platform, regardless of the application, must possess the "User Role". To use and interact with the Hornbill Project Manager app, a user must also be allocated one of the app-specific security roles listed below. If the need arises, it is possible to create custom roles to suit a specific requirement. General information and concepts relating to how roles exist in the Hornbill Platform can be found on the following page: Roles.

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  • Project User
Required for all users of Project Manager. This role does not contain any specific application rights other than to gain access to this app. All users assigned this role will see the Project Manager application in the Hornbill Menu and have access to the Project Portfolio.
  • Project Portfolio Manager
This role superseeds the Project User role and grants the user all standard project manager user functionality with the added ability to access all projects.
  • Programme Manager
This role grants the user the ability to manage programmes (a Project Programme is made up of one or more projects).
  • Project Administration
This role grants the user the ability to administer features in the Hornbill Admin Tool.

Defining Project Access and Visibility

While the security roles listed above are used to control general access to the various areas of the Hornbill Project Manager App, access to individual projects can be managed at a more granular level. This is done by configuring Project Permissions against the individual project.

More information can be found on the page Project Permissions and is used in conjunction with Project Stakeholders.