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Add attachments to the Project

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Adding Project Attachments

Drag and Drop one or multiple attachments, or use the file explorer to locate the attachments you wish to add to the Project.

  • Optionally provide each attachment with a short description to explain it's purpose or content
  • Select Upload to add the attachments to the Project
  • Select Remove next to the attachments to to remove them before uploading any remaining attachments

Project Attachments

Search documents which have been added to the project using the search option

  • Open an attachment using the Download link
  • Remove an attachment from the project by using the Trash Can icon next to the attachment you wish to remove from the project


Uploading and removing of attachments, by whom and when is audited and available to review in the Audit History tab.

  • Allowed file types is controlled by the following system setting: security.fileUploadRestriction.entity.fileAttachments.types
  • Max Allowed file size is controlled by the following system setting: communications.maxfileUploadSize