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When creating or managing a board, choose which type of cards you will allow to be added to the board

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Card Types


  • Name - Provide a name for the card as it will appear on the board lane
  • Content - Define the content of the card
  • Wiki Markup - Format the content on the card
  • Lists - Add checklist items to the card - visually see the progress through list items represented on the card by a a green progress bar
  • Attachments - Add attachments to the card
  • Colour - Select a colour for the card background
  • Copy - Copy the card to another board you have access to
  • Timeline - Collaborate on the content of the card
  • Members - drag and drop to associate one or more board members to the card
  • Remove - Remove the card if no longer required

  • Separator
  • Note
  • Organization
  • Document
  • Project Task
  • Incident
  • Change
  • Release
  • Problem
  • Known Error
  • Service Request
  • Task
  • Post
  • Email