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Board Manager is an incredibly easy and flexible way to manage and track many different types of work within your business. You can define multiple boards that offer a visual presentation of projects, documents, activities, and much much more. Board Manager integrates with many of the other great Hornbill apps giving you defined views and tracking of different types of work that is undertaken by either a small team or up to an entire organization.

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Boards Overview

The Boards Overview provides a view where you can create, manage and view boards which you either own or have been shared with you. The Boards Overview can be accessed from the main Hornbill Menu.

  • Filter
The Boards Overview menu bar includes a filter feature that helps you located a particular board. Typing in part of the name of the board that you are looking for will result in reducing the listed boards to those that match your filter text.
  • Show Archived
When a board is no longer needed you can archive the board. If there is a need to revisit an archived board you can select the option to show Archived Boards.
  • Add Board
Need a new Board? Simple click here and start building your new board. Add a name, description, and select the types of cards that you would like t have available for your board. The list of available cards will vary depending on the different apps that you have installed. These card types include a standard Card, Separators, Notes, Organisations, Documents, Project Tasks, Incidents, Changes, Releases, Problems, Known Errors, Requests, Tasks, Posts, and Email. Not sure what you want to use? Don't worry, the available card types can be changed after the board has been created.
  • Open
Each board is listed as a card. Click on Open to view the details of a listed board.

Board Toolbar

After creating a new Board or navigating to an existing Board, you are provided with a view of the board where you can begin to use the board or with the appropriate rights, you can further design or update the board. The Board's toolbar contains many of the features available to you.


The filter option on a Board lets you highlight particular cards that contain the text that is entered into the filter. Any card that does not match your filter will be obscured, and only the matches will remain readable. While a filter is applied, you are able to move cards that match your filter.

The filter text is applied to the following areas on a card:

  • Title
  • Description

Card Type Filter

For each type of card that is allowed on the Board an icon and a counter showing how may of that card type exists on the board. By clicking on one of the card filters, only cards of that type will be readable on the board. Card Type filters will only show if a card exists on the board for that particular type.

Shares Filter

When a Board is shared with a Group or an individual user, an icon that represents the share is displayed in the toolbar. By selecting the check box on any of the buttons that represent a share, the visible cards will be filtered to show just those cards that are owned by the selected share.

The Share Filters that represent individual users can also be used for assigning users to certain types of cards. Drag and drop on of the displayed users onto a task or request card to assign the card that user.

Sharing Boards Boardmanager shareaboard.png

Using the Share option on a board allows you to give access to you board to other users while also controlling the rights that they have on your board. Boards can be shared with Users, Groups and Roles.

  • Owner
Lists the current owner of the board
  • Shares
The Shares section lists the current shares that have been created for the board. By default the board creator will be added to this list with all rights to the board which cannot be changed. Using this section the rights for any added share can be modified by selecting the check box for the right that you which to change. Deselecting all rights boxes will remove the User, Group or Role from having the board shared with them and they will no longer be able to access the board.
  • Can View
This grants the user permissions to view the Board
  • Can Move
This grants the user permissions to move cards on the board between lanes - Users and groups with this permission will appear in the Board toolbar so you are able to easily filter by them and can be dragged onto cards to assign that card to them
  • Can Update
This grants the user permission to edit cards, change colour, add and remove members to cards, and attach and remove files on cards. Users with this permission are able to drag users onto cards to assigning the cards to them
  • Can Add/Remove Cards
This grants permission to add cards to the board and also to archive (and unarchive cards from the board)
  • Can manage and share Boards
This grants permissions to share the board and to change permissions on share. It also allows other admin ability such as to permanently delete cards
  • Can Design
This grants permissions to design boards by adding/removing and updating lanes and to change the board metadata (such as name, description or allowed card types)
  • Owner
This option allows for the owner of the board to be changed. This option is only available to users who have the Board Super User role.
  • Share With
The Share With section allows you to add additional shares to the board. Select or deselect the boxes to attribute the rights to the User, Group or Role

Designing Boards

When you first create a new Board you are immediately put into Design Mode where you can change the main properties of your board and manage the lanes. The Design mode can be accessed at any time on an existing board using the provided button.

  • Adding a Lane
On the far right of any Board, when in Design mode there is an option to add a new lane. Click on this and then see the available options defined in Configure a Lane
  • Configure a Lane
The Config Lane option is automatically opened when you add a new lane and it can also be accessed on an existing lane when in Design mode by clicking on the Config Lane button
  • Name
This will be the name displayed at the top of each lane
  • Width
The number for the width represents how many columns a single lane will span. For example, with a width set to 2, the lane will consist of two columns
  • Limit
You can specify an maximum number of cards for the lane. While this doesn't prevent cards from being added, it will display the maximum number in the bottom of the lane so that you are aware when this limit is reached.
  • ID
The ID for a lane is automatically created when the lane is created. This is a unique number for this lane and is different from any other lane on any other board. This can be used for automation or API purposes.
  • Add Column Headings
Each Lane starts with a single column. Using the Width option additional columns can be added. This option allows you to add a heading for each column that you have added to the Lane.
  • Activity
When the Activity option is selected it provides some automation with the completion of Activities. When an Activity Card is placed into a land with this select, the Activity will automatically be set to completed
  • Rubbish Bin
Marking a lane as a Rubbish Bin will automatically archive any card that is moved to this lane.
  • Configure Board
The Configure Boardoption lets you define and manage some basic information for your board.
  • Board Name
Provide a name for the board, as it will appear to those the board has been shared with
  • Description
Optionally provide a description to define the purpose of the board
  • ID
This non-editable field displays the ID for this Board. The ID can be required for use in some of the BPM Operations. This is used to reference the ID when building your BPM workflows.
  • Allowed Types
Decide which type of cards are allowed to be added to the board
  • Archive
Move the board into an archived status

See Archived Cards

When a card is removed from a board it is archived rather than deleted. This view provides a list of the cards that have been archived

  • Restore
The Restore option provides a list of the lanes where the card can be restored to. Once a lane is selected, the card is restored back to the board within the selected lane.
  • Delete
The Delete option will permanently remove the card. Once done, the card will no longer be available to restore. This is a permanent action and can't be undone.

Screen Size

This option will resize the board so that all lanes are visible within the view.

  • Fixed Size
Each lane maintains is set width. If there are more lane than what can fit on the screen, a scroll bar is provided to view the additional lanes
  • Fit to Screen
The width of each lane will adjust to fill the screen so that all lanes are visible. If there is available space, the visible lanes will extend in size to fit the screen. If there are too many lanes to fit in the fixed size, the fit to screen will adjust the lane width so that all lanes are visible without having to scroll.

Card View

The Card View is located on the right hand pop-out panel. Once a card is selected on a board, the card details is loaded into the right hand panel for viewing and managing.

  • Colours
A colour bar lets you select from a range of colours which the entire card will be displayed with on the Board. This option is not available with all card types.
  • Copy to
The Copy to feature lets you create a copy of the card to another board that you have access to
  • Remove Card
This feature will remove the card from the Board. This action only archives the card and can be added back to the board using the Archived Cards view
  • Edit
The Edit option lets you change the Title and Content of the card
  • Timeline
The Timeline keeps track of the actions done on the board and provides a place for general discussions on a particular card
  • History
A visual presentation of the history of the card is displayed. Clicking on any entry will open up a more detailed view of that entry.