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The Board Manager Configuration gives you access to to manage, customize, and report on the Board Manager application. You can access the Board Manager Configuration from the main Hornbill App using the URL<instance-name>/. To view the Board Manager Configuration select the cog icon displayed at the bottom of the left hand menu bar, or use Ctrl+Shift+S on your keyboard, then select Board Manager from the list of available applications.

Board Manager Setup



Hornbill Roles are used to group users with similar access requirements to the different Hornbill applications. Using roles takes away the need to manage rights on an user by user basis. The following roles are provided by Board Manager to use and allocate to users of the Board Manager application. Custom roles can also be created to meet any specific need.

  • Boards User
Required for all users of Board Manager. All users assigned this role will see the Board Manager application in the Hornbill Menu and have access to create boards, view, move on, and add to boards.
  • Board BPM User
Allows a user account to interact with the Boards Manager app via business process automation (add, move, remove cards from boards automatically etc), the user will not have access directly to boards with this role.
  • Board Super User
Provides the user with access to all boards, and the ability via the Share Boards options to change the owner of any board.
  • Autotask Designer
Allows the user to create autotasks

Simple Lists


The Simple Lists provide a way to define different pick lists or combo-box selections that are used through out the Board Manager app. The available options in a pick list or combo-box can also be translated into different languages from within the Simple List editor.

  • Boardmanager card colors
The colors that are available as a background color on a Board Manager card. Use this option to change the default display text used or to translate each option into a different language
  • Boardmanager card types
A list of the different types of cards that are available. Card types are associated to entities that can be found in the different Hornbill Applications. Use this option to change the default display text used or to translate each option into a different language.



Autotasks can be created for Board Manager these can be used in the following places:

  • By creating a Custom Button on the Board
  • By creating a Custom Button on the Card
  • By creating an automation for a board which can be triggered when a card is added, removed, or updated
  • By creating an automation for a lane which can be triggered when a card enters (either created in, or moved into a lane) or exits (either removed whilst in a lane, or moved out of a lane)

To create autotask a user must have the manage BPM system right, this right can be granted by the Autotask Designer role

The following inputs are sent:

Board Custom Button

  • boardId - Id of the board
  • title - Name of the Board
  • content - Description of the Board

Card Custom Button / Card Created automation / Card Updated automation / Enter Lane automation / Exit Lane automation

  • boardId - Id of the Board
  • cardId - Card Id
  • laneId - Lane Id
  • title - Card title
  • content - Card content
  • link - Card link
  • value - Card value
  • type - Type of card
  • progress - progress of card from 0-100
  • key - Id of the related entity (e.g. Request Id, document Id etc)
  • status - Card status
  • status_info - Card
  • action - Automation action: one of CREATE/UPDATE/ENTER/EXIT

Card Removed automation

  • boardId - Id of the board
  • cardId - Card Id
  • action - REMOVE



The translations allow you to change individual strings of text into any language. This can also be used to simple provide an alternative to the provided text if you prefer to use a different term.

  • Filter translations
This will filter the list of translations base on the key and the default.
  • Language selector
Select the language that you wish to view, add, or modify
  • Translated
select an item within the Translation column to make a change to the translation, based on the selected language.

Advanced Analystics









Design reports

  • Entity, Measure and SQL Designer Options
  • Output Options - PDF, CSV, XLS, XLSX
  • Schedule Distribution to Document Manager

Advanced Tools and Settings



A number of advanced settings have been provided to allow for default configurations on how the Board Management app works.

  • app.view.board.largeboard
This setting limits the number of cards that are available to a single board. The default is set to 200 cards. The number of cards on a board will affect performance and it is not recommended to go above the default value of 200.
  • webapp.view.boardlist.favouriteFilter
Turn this setting on to allow users to define and view a Favorites list when viewing the list of available boards.

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