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User Account templates are used to create a standard set of settings which can then be used to create user accounts through auto provisioning. When using a SAML to manage communication between an identity provider and Hornbill, accounts can be created automatically. An example of using an identity provider would be to use Active Directory Services to authenticate with Hornbill. When this authentication happens, if a user account does not exist in Hornbill it will be automatically created using this template.

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User Account Templates are only applicable if you intend to utilise auto-provisioning. User Account Templates can be used for the creation of either full or basic users.

Template Details

Basic Information

  • Template Name
More than one template can be created. This will allow you to identify this particular template within the list of templates.
  • Type
Select if the the new account will be a Basic or full User account


  • Site
Select the Site where the user will be located
  • Country
The country where the user is located

Regional Settings

  • Language
This will set the language for the contact. The language set against the contact will determine the language that the Customer Portal is presented to them.
  • Timezone
This will set the timezone that the user resides in. This will ensure that date/time information presented to them in the portals is displayed using their time.
  • Date/Time Format
Set the format for how date/time information will be presented to the user
  • Date Format
Set the format for how date information will be presented to the user
  • Time Format
Set the format for how time information will be presented to the user

Security Settings

  • Roles
Select the Roles to be automatically assigned to the account on creation.