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The Timesheet Manager Administration provides details of the configuration options for Timesheet Manager which can be configured within the Administration portal.

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All users of the Hornbill Platform, regardless of the application, must possess the "Collaboration Role". To use, and interact with, the Hornbill Timesheet Manager app, a user must also be allocated an app-specific role. A single role is provided with the Timesheet Manager app to give a user access to use and record entries into the timesheet. If the need arises, it is possible to create custom roles to suit a specific requirement.

  • Timesheet Administrator
Users with this role will be able to manage Timesheet Visibility for users and teams
Reassign ownership of Categories
  • Timesheet Category Manager
Grants the user the ability to manage their own timesheet categories
  • TimesheetManager User
This role gives someone basic user capabilities for using the Timesheet Manager App

In order to view and report on other users Timesheets and be able to configure Timesheet Categories and Sub Categories, a user must have a Membership type of Manager defined against one or more Organisational Groupings. Organisational Groupings and memberships can be managed from Home > System > Organisational Data > Organisation


A few settings are available to allow some configuration of the behavior of Timesheet Manager

  • app.com.hornbill.timesheetmanager.timesheetValues.clearValuesAfterEntry
Setting that controls whether entered values such as category or hours/minutes are cleared after the timesheet value record is created
  • app.com.hornbill.timesheetmanager.timesheetValues.fullDayMinutes
Setting that controls the number of minutes in a default full working day
  • app.time.insertRoundMethod
Rounding method when inserting time

Simple Lists

Simple lists are not currently used with Timesheet Manager


Translate labels and text strings for Timesheet Manager into multiple languages

Advanced Analystics

Build measures and widgets


Build reports

Application Entity Viewer

Familiarize yourself with the relationships between Timesheet entities and the data schema

Timesheet Visibility

Configure Timesheet visibility

Timesheet Categories

Configure Timesheet Categories