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The features listed here are subject to change. If they are promoted to live as supported features they will be documented in the appropriate location on the wiki and removed from the experimental list, equally if the feature is removed this will be documented here. These features can be enabled with Administration under System > Settings > Advanced Settings

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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES: It is important to note that by definition, Experimental Features are provided as a way to allow our customer to preview some of the ideas we are experimenting with, these are "experimental' and that means the following: -

  • An experimental feature may be either defective and/or feature incomplete.
  • An experimental feature is subject to change at any time, without prior notice.
  • An experimental feature may be withdrawn/taken out of service at any time, for any reason and without prior notice.
  • You should not make purchasing decisions on the basis of experimental features for the above reasons.
  • An experimental feature should not be relied upon on for production use. You are free to use experimental features in production if there is an option to enable it, but by doing so you are accepting the points herein

Allow Task Custom Fields

This feature allows for the use of custom fields on a Task form. Custom fields can be added to the task form itself as well as being added against specific task outcomes.

  • Custom fields can be set to mandatory
  • Custom fields can be single line, multiline, pickers, date / time controls etc

Custom fields values (answers) can be used as variables in your business processes and injected / evaluated using the process designer variable picker


  • Default is Off