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Supplier Manager allow you to record and manage your suppliers including contracts.

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Supplier Catalog

The Supplier Catalog is your collection of suppliers that you wish to manage and track. Here you can:

  • Create New Suppliers
  • Select Favourite Suppliers
  • Locate Suppliers using the various filter options
  • Customise the columns that are shown and in what order they appear in
  • View the Supplier Catalog in list or grid view


The use of Tags on Suppliers offers additional searching and visibility of suppliers based on set tags.

  • Create new tags
  • View the number of times a tag has been used
  • View Tab Cloud graphic to display most commonly used tags


The Contracts page allows you to create and define contracts that are linked to your suppliers

  • Filter contracts by Supplier
  • View contract by expiry dates
  • Watch contracts that are important to you.