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Manage a Suppliers Contract

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Contract Details

Supplier Contract Main.png

Record the key information about each contract you hold with a supplier:

  • Name
  • Status
  • Start and End Dates
  • Currency & Value
  • People - Account Manager and Support Manager
  • Event Details- Record supplier targets for:
  • Target working time per event in hours for any events registered against a contract
  • Working Time Calendar - the agreed operational hours any event time will be calculated against
  • Agreed Compliance % Target: Any % performance target for the supplier against any events recorded on the contract
  • Penalty Description: Any agreed penalty with the supplier if the agreed compliance % is not achieved

Contract Actions

  • Add a Comment to the contract timeline
  • Add Attachments - Any attachments will show in an accordion section below the details section
  • Link Documents (with Document Manager Installed) - Any documents will show in an accordion section below the details section
  • Add the contract to a Board (with Boards Manager installed
  • Manually record an event against the contract - Any events will show in an accordion section below the details section
  • Duplicate the contract - Create a copy of the contract

Contract Information

On the righthand side, key information about the supplier's contract will be displayed:

  • Status
  • Expires On
  • Last Modified By and When
  • Event Details
  • Target Times
  • Current Compliance
  • An Informational banner will appear, when a contract is 90, 60 and 30 days from expiry.


Add, assign and manage activities relating to the suppliers contract

Watch & Follow

  • Add the Supplier Contract to your watch list by clicking the Binoculars icon
  • Click again to remove the Supplier Contract from your watch list
  • View watched contracts from the Contract List using the Show me the contracts i am watching filter
  • Follow a supplier contract by clicking on the + icon on the contract timeline
  • Updates to the contract timeline will now be written to your newsfeed