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Profiles provide hierarchical tree structures that can be used within different applications for applying profiles or categories.

Profile List

The Profile List shows all of the existing profiles. Some of these profiles may have been automatically added through the installation of an application and are pre-configured and ready to be used by these applications.

  • Adding
In the top right, clicking on the + (add) button will start the process to create a new profile
  • Deleting
Using the check boxes next to the existing Profiles, select which ones you wish to delete and from the top button menu select Delete Selected. Be aware that these profiles may be in use by an application and deleting them may impact that application.
  • Profile Details
By clicking on the name of any existing Profile, you will be taken to the Details page for that profile. From there you will be able to manage the Profile Tree and other settings.

Manage Profiles



These setting are managed both when creating a new Profile or viewing an existing Profile.

  • Name - This must be a unique name. This name is used to display the Profile in the Profile List
  • Code Separator -
  • Minimum Code Width
  • Maximum Levels
  • Name Separator
  • Maximum Code Width
  • Code Allowed Chars

Custom Fields

  • Enabling
  • Names


  • Add/Remove
  • Code
  • Name
  • Description
  • Attributes 1 - 8

Deleting Profiles