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Platform Configuration gives you access to all the configuration settings for your Hornbill instance. Configure everything from setting up your organizational structure including the users, departments, and teams that will be using Hornbill and their rights to what they can access down to setting up mailboxes, webhook integration, and the finite system settings.

Organisational Data


Hornbill user accounts are used for people that are internal to your organization who wish to interact within Hornbill, either by using one of the applications or to request service via the Employee Portal (self-service). User management includes the creation, archiving, suspending, and deletion of user accounts.


Hornbill comes with a range of roles ready to associate to your users. Each app is installed with a set of default roles specifically designed to govern access to that application. Manage role assignments to your users or create some of your own.


The Hornbill platform allows for the creation of a hierarchical organizational structure. Create and manage organization groups, teams, and their members.


Locations can be configured to reflect the different physical locations that exist within an organization. Create locations and associate the users that are located at that location.

User Templates

User templates are used to create a standard set of settings which can then be used to create user accounts through auto provisioning or when users are manually created.

User Availability States

These states are available to a user who can select a suitable state from their User Profile menu to make other users aware of their availability. Enable or disable which statues your would like to use or create some of your own.

Guest Accounts

The Guest Accounts page lets you configure Contact access to the Customer Portal. The list of Guest Accounts is automatically generated by either the manual entry of a Contact in the main Hornbill client or when Auto Registration is enabled.

Guest Account Templates

Guest Account templates are used to create a standard set of settings which can then be used to create contact records through auto provisioning.

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SSO Profiles


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Customer Portal

Employee Portal

Login Screen

Service Domains

Working Time Calendars

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Integration Connectors

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Email Domains

Shared Mailboxes

Email Templates

Inbound Routing Rules

Direct Outbound

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Data Import Configurations

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User Interface Translations

Supported Languages

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Advanced Analytics

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Log Files

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Advanced Tools & Settings

Database Direct

Advanced System Settings

Entity Explorer

Auto Values

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