Linux Group Management

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Provides operations that allow for the management of Linux groups

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Target Environment Requirements


Except for the Is Package Installed operation, Accounts used when executing jobs against operations contained within this package must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The target machine must have a local admin user that will be used for running the operations;
  • SSH Remote Login must be enabled for the user above user
  • Configuration for the user must be added to the sudoers file on the target machine, to allow the above user to sudo without a password (example: __someadminuser ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL__).

KeySafe Configuration

Itomtarget keysafe.png

When creating SIS jobs for operations contained within this package, they need to be run on the target machine as a user who has the correct privileges on the target.

To configure your Target Machine account authentication in KeySafe:

  • In the Admin console, navigate to: System > Security > KeySafe;
  • Click on + then select Username + Password;
  • Give the KeySafe Key a Title (this is the name/identifier for the target machine account as you will see it when creating an IT Automation Job, or adding an IT Automation node to a Business Process or Runbook);
  • Optionally add a description;
  • Populate the Username field with the domain/local account username for the account being used on the target machine;
  • Populate the Password field with the password for the above account;
  • Select Create Key to save.

Once you have created your KeySafe Key, you can then use it when creating IT Automation Jobs from this package. See screenshots to the right for examples.

Package Operations

The Linux Group Management package contains the following operations, than can be used to create ITOM Jobs directly, or included in your Business Processes and/or IT Operations Management Runbooks.

Group Details

Retrieves the name, id and number of members for the specified group. The group can be entered by either using its name or GID. This operation does not require root access

Input Parameters

  • GroupName - Group name or ID

Output Parameters

  • GroupName
  • GroupId
  • NoOfMembers
  • outcome MANDATORY The outcome of the operation (OK/FAIL)
  • errors Any errors returned by the operation

Create Group

Add a new group using the groupadd command

Input Parameters

  • GroupName MANDATORY - Name of the group to create
  • GroupID - Specify the group ID
  • SuppressErrors MANDATORY - Suppress the error message if group already exists
  • NonUniqueID MANDATORY - Allows the creation of a group with a non-unique GID
  • SystemGroup MANDATORY - Create a system group

Output Parameters

  • GroupName
  • GroupId
  • outcome MANDATORY The outcome of the operation (OK/FAIL)
  • errors Any errors returned by the operation

Delete Group

Delete a group using the groupdel command

Input Parameters

  • GroupName MANDATORY - Group name
  • Force - Force the removal of the group

Output Parameters

  • outcome MANDATORY The outcome of the operation (OK/FAIL)
  • errors Any errors returned by the operation