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Hornbill's IT Operations Management (ITOM) includes administrative processes and support for software and hardware that allow you to execute routine tasks to support and control your IT services and IT infrastructure. Based around several key components hosted within the Hornbill cloud and an on-premise service running behind the corporate firewall. These components provide the ability to discover devices across the network infrastructure, using various techniques and initiate IT automation and Orchestrations.

Packages are the core components used to provide IT Automations and are the building blocks used within an Orchestration built using Runbooks. They are published within the ITOM Package Library, produced and maintained by Hornbill, with packages being regularly developed. It is also possible for the creation of custom packages where required, and the expertise is available in-house using the ITOM Package creator.

Individual Automations can be created directly within the Job queue or scheduled along with Runbooks using the Job Scheduler and can be easily accessed via other Hornbill applications with access to the Business Process Engine or Autotasks. The Hornbill XMLMC API can also be used to trigger an Automation or Runbook process, allowing for external applications and systems to be integrated.

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