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Hornbill’s Lift-Off Implementation package executes the implementation of Hornbill’s suite of applications to support your IT, HR, Finance, Facilities, and other business Service Lifecycle needs. The package allows you to deploy the Hornbill Platform and its associated business applications in a way that best suits your business needs.

This is designed to accommodate the delivery of your requirements using a collaborative format that encourages self-sufficiency. Our approach significantly accelerates the deployment process such that your Hornbill solution can be up and running in days and weeks, not months.

Our Lift-Off package delivers the necessary configuration and disciplines while ensuring the introduction or improvement of your existing Service Catalog. Our Foundation Service Manager LiftOff Package represents a moderate Service Catalog and can be flexed up to accommodate your specific processes.

Hornbill has developed a framework specifically designed to deliver a LiftOff implementation. The framework consists of four pillars which as a unit allow us to deliver excellent Implementation services to our customers.

Customer Success

Hornbill's Success Focused Framework, championed by Hornbill Customer Success, follow one simple rule, Deliver Success. The Framework, therefore, uses the engagement touchpoints as an opportunity to assess the delivery and realign, if necessary, to ensure your success criteria continues to test true. From the Initiation, right through to the Celebration, the main focus is to ensure that what you set out to achieve is realised. We don't stop there, with a Success Plan we continue to ensure that your business continues to see value in the way we engage and the way you use our solution.

Get In Touch

Agile Delivery

Our staged approach utilizes a set of standard deliverables to accelerate the process, subsequently complemented with a set of flexible but defined activities in further stages of your implementation. This staged approach caters for rapid Discovery session(s) followed by outcomes-driven Delivery.

Agile Delivery Method
Three Stage

The Customer Success team will facilitate Hornbill resource planning, provide implementation resource, ensure that what is stated in the SOW is adhered to, address any issues encountered, manage escalations, and act as the ongoing contact for the duration of the Project and beyond. Budget related updates will be delivered regularly, as appropriate and our Engagement Manager can work with your Project Manager to facilitate the resolution of any delivery or scheduling issues.

We start with an informal initiation session to lightly begin the journey. A product Specialist takes you through the Implementation pack and familiarizes you with our approach.

1 Your Hornbill Champion
You will be allocated a Hornbill Product Specialist who will be your champion here at Hornbill and your main point of contact – right the way from the first Initiation Session, all the way through until your Go Live. On occasion you may work with other Product Specialists to deliver sessions dependent on resource and expertise.

2 Who Needs to be There?
Typically, we would recommend allocating the following roles:

  • Implementation Lead – the individual responsible for completing and/or co-ordinating the completion of any pre-requisite material, Implementation Activities, and have the authority to make decisions.
  • Hornbill System Administrator(s) – the individual responsible for the continuing Administration of you Hornbill instance after your Go Live date.
  • Process Owner(s) – the individual responsible for any bespoke processes we will build during this implementation (if different from Implementation Lead).
  • Email/ADFS/User Import Technical Experts – there is a certain amount of configuration required in your environment to achieve the successful integration of Email, enable Single Sign on, and establish imports from an external source.

3 Getting up to Speed
We get going quite quickly and to help you get up to speed we have several resources that we will make available.

  • Training Webinars – We have 7 Webinars that give you an in-depth overview of some of the key components in Hornbill. Links are provided to you prior to your first session.
  • Personal Sessions – As well as the Webinars, your Product Specialist will arrange several personal sessions to discuss the specifics regarding your Hornbill Configuration as well as specific training in your areas of interest.
  • Offline Configuration – The implementation will be a collaboration between Hornbill and yourselves. With that in mind, there is an expectation that there will be a level of configuration and learning that will take place outside of the sessions.

4 What does Day 1 Look Like
On day 1 your Instance is provisioned, and the Admin account details sent to you. This is your first official session which will have been agreed upon beforehand. This will be an opportunity to assess your knowledge so far based on the links provided. The team then officially agrees on a plan forward with dates for subsequent sessions that will see the essential configurations delivered and essential knowledge transfer performed. Then it's on to Day 2, 3…

5 What can you expect within each of the Milestones

  • Discovery - Onsite or Remote depending on your package, Expert Lead Package Confirmation, Requirements Validation, Coordination and Planning
  • Stage 1 – Organisation Structure - Companies, Departments and Teams and Sites
  • Stage 1 – Security & Roles – Covering all essential areas needed to govern access
  • Stage 1 - Asset & LDAP Import, SSO & Email configuration
  • Stage 2 – Build of the Essential Disciplines Specified in your Package as well as the delivery of the BPM and User Forms required to create & engage your Employee’s / Customers through your Hornbill Self Service
  • Stage 3 – Education, Go-Live, and Post Deployment Support. A special focus is paid to Education during this stage and that is so that we can ensure you are set to become as self-sufficient an organisation as you want to be. Over the years we have come to realise that customers that push the product not only gain maximum value but push Hornbill to deliver more value through our services and technology.

Outstanding Technology

We at Hornbill believe in using the tools that we sell. from using Hornbill Service Manager to drive the delivery of our internal and external services and process to using Hornbill Project Manager as part of a Hornbill Bespoke Onboarding engagement for our customers. We believe in our products and use them to drive our everyday business interactions. We don't sell you our tools, we sell you our experience and our experience is that our tools are the best in the market.

Outstanding People

Team Hornbill

Our people and their commitment to delivering an outstanding experience set us apart. Experience in many implementations spanning over 15 years across many products. Experience in Hornbill products from a technical and business perspective starting from our own to all those that have been successfully onboarded. The Customer Success team initiates the engagement before allocating a dedicated Engagement Manager (depending on which is required) and Lead Product Specialist. A team of product Specialists involved in the delivery as required. With the Customer Success team providing guidance on the customer experience and ensuring the achievement of the Objectives to initiating a Customer Advocacy Programme. Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Facebook