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Advanced Hornbill Training

Whether remote, on-site or based at our dedicated training suite at Hornbill HQ, our training service is designed to transfer knowledge in the context of your business, giving you the skills and confidence required to easily develop and maintain your Hornbill solution. Hornbill's themed workshop based training includes content-rich sessions which offer the advantage of practical learning so you can not only improve your understanding of the tool, but put your newly discovered knowledge into practice. Furthermore, we are more than happy to build bespoke training packages around your requirements or follow our structured themed workshops which allow you to take advantage of the content-rich packages examining the tools in-depth functionality. Available workshops include:

Hornbill Collaboration and Service Manager

This workshop introduces the core functionality available within the collaboration and Service Management applications. This training is designed to get collaboration users and analysts working seamlessly and utilizing all the exciting intuitive functionality available at their fingertips. Areas which will typically be covered are:

  • Workspaces
  • Notifications
  • Conversations
  • Bookmarks
  • Business Processes
  • Progressive Capture
  • Process Tracker
  • Customized analyst views
  • Services
  • Assets

Discover the power of Hornbill's Business Process Engine

This workshop empowers you to make the best possible use of the powerful business process functionality that Service Manager provides. Learn how to turn your paper based processes into well managed and governed mechanisms to seamlessly control Incidents, Service Requests, Change and Problem Management. We will guide you through all the steps in designing effective progressive capture to ensure you collect the right information first time. Learn how to design and implement effective progressive capture that drives your Service Desk forward ensuring calls are logged correctly first time, every time.


This introduces the reporting tool from the data structure that underpins Service Manager to the creation of the physical reports. Learn how to use the powerful reporting functionality to drive your performance through effective reporting.

Discovering Dashboards

Learn how to create measures, display measures in widgets and apply multiple widgets to Dashboards to create stunning performance information to drive your Service Desk. Develop Slideshows to link multiple Dashboards together to create powerful, comprehensive, clear and up to date displays to inspire your workforce and customers.

Collaboration Core Administration

Learn how to effectively control, maintain and make the most of all the exciting features which come with Hornbill Collaboration. Manage users and roles, understand the app store, manage your data and security and understand usage and performance easily.

Service Manager Administration

Understand the specific configuration of Service Manager to make the best use of Services, Boards, auto-responder and application settings. Make the most of the Service Manager tool using the inbuilt functionality to create a truly powerful analyst experience.