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The Guest Accounts page lets you configure Contact access to the Customer Portal. The list of Guest Accounts is automatically generated by either the manual entry of a Contact in the main Hornbill client or when Auto Registration is enabled.

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Guest Account Settings

The Guest Account Settings are applied by selecting one or more records in the list using the provided multi-select check boxes. Once one or more records are selected the following tool bar options become available:

  • Associated to Portal
Associate the selected contact records to the Customer Portal. This is required in order for the contact to login to the customer portal. This can also be done from the Customize Customer Portal page.
  • Set Login ID
Set a unique ID that the contact will use to login to the customer portal. In order to login to the Customer Portal, the contact must have a Login ID. Once a contact has been provided a Login ID, their email address that is specified on their contact record can also be used to login with. When adding a Login ID, it will validate that it is unique against existing Login IDs and Email Addresses of all contacts.
  • Set Password
Set a password for the contact to be used with their ID to login to the customer portal