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The Boards Action Item lets you both add a request to one or more Boards and specific Board lists, as well as view which Boards the request is already present on.

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Adding a request to a Board

Board Action Item.png

From the drop down select the Board and List you wish to add the request too.

  • The list of Boards displayed will be filtered to those which the viewing analyst has the rights to view and add too.

Viewing the Boards a request is already present on

Once the request has been added to one or multiple Boards, either manually from the request or through business process automation, the boards the request is on will be visible.

  • You can click on the board, to be taken directly to the board to view the request on the board

Removing a request from a Board

Each Board listed in the Boards action item provides an X which when selected the request that you are currently viewing will be removed from that board. This option is not available to users that Read Only access to a board.