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Auto Tasks provide the ability to execute automation from Custom Buttons on different entity views in apps on the Hornbill platform. Auto tasks are similar to business processes, however differ in that they do not contain stages, don't use tasks or approvals, and can't be suspended. When executed, the Auto Task will simply start > Execute > End. An Auto Task can contain many nodes and therefore execute multiple actions triggered from a single custom button. Auto Tasks can be configured using the Auto Task Designer

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  • Auto Tasks if enabled by an app on the Hornbill platform, will be accessible to configure via the admin console > Applications > [App] > Auto Tasks.
  • Auto Tasks can be configured against different entities in each different app. Ensure you choose the appropriate entity you wish to create the Auto Task process against from the drop down.
  • Auto Tasks can be configured to be invoked from Custom Buttons on entity views in the different line of business applications.
  • Auto Tasks will only be visible to invoke if the process is validated and marked as active.
  • Auto Tasks will only be visible to invoke if the process is created for the relevant entity (see "Apps & Entities" section).


  • Business Process Manager - This role will enable a user to configure Auto Tasks against entities in an application from the admin console.
  • Form Designer - This role will enable a user to configure a custom button to invoke an Auto Task from a custom button on an entity view.
  • Visibility of the custom buttons, from which an Auto Task process can be invoked is configurable per custom button on each entity view. Read more here

Apps & Entities

Auto Tasks can be configured, and invoked via custom buttons on the following apps and entity views.

  • Service Manager
  • Requests
  • Assets
  • Document Manager
  • Documents

Note: on creation, the default entity for an Auto Task process is set to "Global". This value needs to be changed to a relevant entity for the process to be available for selection when designing custom buttons.