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During of following the Investigation stage it maybe determined that a permanent fix is not currently available. This is a valid outcome and could be caused by a number of reasons including - Legacy Software, Costs to upgrade, Unable to schedule downtime to apply fixes to business critical applications.

In these circumstances a Workaround maybe identified and this will allow for Incidents linked to this Problem to be presented with a possible Solution, which if accepted may allow these Incidents to be resolved. It will also be available as a possible solution for future Incidents where the Problem's / Known Error symptoms match, and will result in a much quicker and efficient route to Incident resolution.


Populating the Workaround option will automatically present all linked Incidents with a possible Solution. Each Incident owner can review the possible solution and decide if they wish to accept it to resolve their customers Incident. The possible solution will also be presented when new Incidents are linked to the parent Problem / Known Error record. It is feasible that an Incident might be linked to multiple Problems, in which case each Problem's workaround will be presented as a possible solution for the Incidents owners to review and accept or reject.

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Known Errors

It is not necessary to raise a Problem record in circumstances where it is known that a permanent fix is not available. In such cases a Known Error record can be raised containing the workaround information. This is more efficient and removes the steps associated with raising a problem record first and then having to promote this to a known error.

Publishing Known Issues

The Problem Management team can selectively publish both problems and or known errors to end users via the Self Service portals. It is possible to keep potentially impacted users proactively informed about known issues, publish workaround information and allow users to add themselves as impacted connections to a known issue via the portals using the Me Too option.

  • This functionality is intended to reduce the number of repeat Incidents which are logged for known issues.
  • Read More about Publishing Known Issues here
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