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The Workaround Action Item allows you to record the steps which can be followed to return to a business as normal status. Workarounds can also be published alongside known issues and presented as possible solutions to linked Incidents.

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Defining the Workaround

Use the text box to enter the workaround text, and the save button to create the workaround. There are a couple of considerations to factor in when defining the content of the workaround with the potentially different audiences in mind.

  • Solution - On creating the workaround text, any linked Incidents, or any Incidents which are linked in the future, will be presented with the workaround text as a possible solution to their Incident
  • Publish - The workaround text can optionally be included and visible to customers on the self service portals, if the Problem / Known Error is published, and the Include Workaround option is selected

Making the Workaround Available as a Possible Solution for related Incidents