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Configure which users have the visibility rights to other users and teams timehseets

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The list will be pre=populated with your existing mappings, which is built dynamically based on the following:

  • A user who is allocated a Manager or Team Leader role in an organizational grouping, will be able to view the timesheets of anyone else in this grouping.
If you wish to retain this level of visibility please do not use the Generate options


This option provides you with the ability to automatically generate timesheet visibility based on the following logic:

  • Enable visibility of a co-workers timesheet, to a manager, if the manager is marked as the coworkers manager, on their profile (this is not the same as having the manager or team leader roles in a group users belong too).

Would you like to remove all existing Timesheet Visibility Mappings?

  • Yes - Choosing this option will permanently remove the existing coworker visibility mappings, and automatically replace them with mappings allowing the manager of user visibility to their timesheet
  • No - Choosing this option will Not remove any existing coworker visibility mappings, but will additionally automatically add mappings allowing each users manager visibility of their timesheet


Manually create timesheet visibility mappings between users

  • Timesheet Viewer - This is the user you would like to have access to another users timesheet
  • Timesheet owner - This is the user who's timesheet the Timesheet viewer will be granted visibility too.
  • Status - The status of the visibility mapping
  • Active - This mapping is active and the timesheet viewer will have visibility to the specified timesheet owner's timesheet
  • Offline - The mapping is not active, and the timesheet viewer will not have visibility to the specified timesheet owner's timesheet

Once a mapping has been created manually it will appear in the Timesheet visibility table.


Configure individual team timesheet visibility

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