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The System Settings focuses on two areas, the Advanced Settings and the Web Hooks.

Advancedsettingsicon.png Advanced Settings


The Advanced Settings provides access to all of the available settings within your instance. These offer a number of detailed configuration options to configure your instance just the way that you want it.

  • Search for Settings
  • Restore settings to their default

Webhooksicon.png Webhooks


Web Hooks are a great way to integrate Hornbill with other applications that are accessible over the internet. Web Hooks can send information from Hornbill to another application as soon as a record is updated, rather than relying on scheduled imports or the continually polling for data. A web hook is the opposite to an API call, a web hook is a call over HTTP from your Hornbill instance to a web endpoint of your choosing. Most application actions on a Hornbill instance can trigger an action-specific event when an action is performed. Hornbill can be configured to call to a web end point passing the action-specific data to the web service being invoked. This is a very powerful mechanism that enables true, near real-time integration with other business systems.

  • Event driven integration from Hornbill to an external source
  • Send data over HTTP to a specified web endpoint