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Hornbill Service Manager – Migration Package

The package is designed to facilitate a quick and simple migration from Supportworks to the Service Manager application.

This service is provided as part of a limited initiative offered to qualifying Supportworks customers and will be delivered free of charge by Hornbill Product Specialist Team.

What is included?

There are basic things needed in order to quickly get the system up and running with meaningful data and connectivity. Because we believe these integrations are essential to every deployment we have put a lot of effort into simplifying the process of establishing these integration points. We also believe that because these integration needs are pretty much universally required by our customers in order that they get good value from our technology, we carry out the work with you to establish these integration points totally free of any charge as part of the Migration. We will generally carry out this work during your evaluation/trial period before you have to make any financial or contractual commitment to us or our service.

The package includes the migration of all required data from Supportworks; examples below. The actual data content will be mutually agreed with the Hornbill Product Specialist prior to any migration taking place.

1) Integration to your Corporate Email System

The setup of 1 shared mailbox for use with Service Manager ( for example) is included along with the creation of the appropriate role to administer that mailbox and email service. Once created, this will allow for the logging and updating of tickets from email as well as the capability to send outbound emails as updates. POP3 or IMAP4 is required in your environment.

2) Integration via SAML to AD

All of your Co Worker and Service Manager Analyst information will be imported into Service Manager. No physical import is required if SAML is available as users are self-provisioned automatically with SAML. Hornbill will provide the necessary metadata files required to configure the appropriate entries in your ADFS server; this assumes ADFS is already running in your environment as no assistance for ADFS setup will be provided. Alternatively users may be imported into Hornbill via a dump from Supportworks or AD if SAML not an option.

3) Asset Import using the 3rd Party Asset Discovery tools

Computer/Asset View - if you already have an asset management/discovery tool deployed, our asset import script will connect to the DB and import the data on a scheduled basis into Hornbill Service Manager. If your asset management/discovery tool has a browser based interface we will help you configure your Hornbill instance to include custom buttons/links to launch the asset-specific views of your deployed tool from within the appropriate asset views within Hornbill.

4) Historical Ticket Data

Hornbill where required, and by agreement, will migrate any historical call data from Supportworks to Hornbill Service Manager. Hornbills product specialist will assist you in understanding your requirements and how best to achieve these wherever possible.

It should be noted that should you elect not to migrate your historical tickets from Supportworks you will still have access to Supportworks and the underlying data should you need it.

5) End User Portal setup

The Hornbill Guest Portal will be setup and made available with simple corporate branding for external users if applicable. The Hornbill Self Service will be setup and made available for internal users if applicable. This will include Single Sign On and Progressive Capture.

6) Configuration/set up of:

  • Users
  • Co Workers
  • Service Manager Analysts
  • Self Service Users
  • Contacts
  • Teams/Groups
  • Roles
  • SLA's/Escalation Points
  • Call Categories
  • Email Templates
  • Basic Email Call Logging
  • Log a call from an inbound email
  • Update a call from an inbound email

7) Services

Hornbill's Product Specialists will deliver a 30 minute session to provide Knowledge transfer and advice in respect to the creation of Services. This will include defining service categories, working with portfolio lifecycles and associating business fulfilment processes to support requests, Incidents, Problems and Changes raised against the services.

8) Reporting and Default System Reports

Hornbill's Product Specialists will deliver two 30 minute sessions to provide Knowledge transfer and advice in respect to the Default System Reports and the Reporting Engine.

9) Dashboards and Default Measures and Widgets

Hornbill's Product Specialists will deliver two 30 minute sessions to provide Knowledge transfer and advice in respect to Default System Measures, Widgets and Dashboards.

10) Default System Business Processes

Hornbill's Product Specialists will deliver two 60 minute sessions to provide Knowledge transfer and advice in respect to the operation of the Hornbill Business Process Manager and the Default System processes. Additionally Hornbill shall review, advise and guide you in the configuration of your own Incident Management process.

NB. This is limited to one process and must be well documented and provided to our Product Specialists in advance for review.

11) Clear Down of System Data

Each Customer will have specific requirements regarding what constitutes a data clear down; accordingly the content will be agreed on a Customer by Customer basis according to these requirements.

What else do I need to be aware of?

What’s not included:

Although we have hopefully explained, in detail, what is included in this free Migration process, it is also important to describe the type of activities that are not included free of charge. The following are examples of activities that will be charged for as an additional service – this is not an exhaustive list by any means but are examples of the type of activity that we reasonably expect to charge for as “Value Added Services”

Value Added Services can and will be scoped by the Hornbill Product Specialists as part of our Migration process in order to quantify the effort and investment required, however it should be noted that any such services will only be delivered once you have signed up to the Hornbill service and subscriptions have commenced.

  • The Importing of Asset Data from 3rd Party sources such as SQL Databases, Excel, MS SCCM, Altiris, LANDesk or any other proprietary discovery tools.
  • The creation of bespoke reports in addition to those provided as standard in the Hornbill Service Manager application.
  • The importing of historic ticket data from any other system or data source.
  • We provide a site deployable Data Import tool that will perform ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) operations, pulling data from various local sources such as AD/LDAP, SQL Databases and Flat Files, transform the data and merge into your Hornbill instance. Once configured these data imports can be scheduled to run on a regular basis to keep your data up to date.
  • Assistance with integrations with other applications in respect to the use of Hornbill APIs and Web Hooks.
  • Web Services API - the Hornbill platform exposes all functionality through a single unified and fully documented web services API. The API is an XML RPC-style request/response messaging scheme, with all inputs and outputs fully described by XML Schema and on-line documentation. We also provide simplified language bindings allowing developers to easily integrate within projects built using JavaScript, PHP, C#.NET, Java and C++
  • Web Hooks - the opposite to an API call, a web hook is a call from Hornbill to a web endpoint of your choosing. Most application actions on a Hornbill instance can trigger an action-specific event when an action is performed. Hornbill can be configured to call to a web end point passing the action-specific data to the web service. This is a very powerful mechanism that enables true, near real-time integration with other business systems.
  • The creation of specific Business Processes in Service Manager in addition to those provided as standard in the application.
  • The creation of specific Services in Service Manager in addition to those provided as standard in the application.
  • The creation of complex email routing rules and additional email template in addition to those provided as standard in the application.

Value Added Services:

Hornbill understands that you may wish us to undertake additional work over those included in the Migration process outlined above.

When required, and further to understanding and agreeing the scope of any requirements, Value Added Services will be delivered remotely as fixed-price packages. Alternatively Hornbill offers services on a pre-paid hourly basis, as per the rate card below.

Services rate card:

Services Components Units Unit Costs
Remote Services Per hour £150*

* Value does not include VAT