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It is possible to subscribe customers to a service based on various organisation groups. The default position for a service is that all customers will be entitled to use the Service.

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Through the Administration console, you can define your own organisational groups and once defined these groups and a number of default subscription options will be available through the Subscribers drop down menu.

Subscription Option Types

  • Company - Use this option to subscribe all internal customers to the Service
  • Department - Use this option to subscribe defined Departments to the Service
  • Team - Use this option to subscribe defined Teams to the Service
  • General - Use this option to subscribe a defined organisational group to the Service
  • User - Use this option to subscribe individual internal users to the Service
  • Site - Use this option to subscribe all users of a given site to the Service
  • Contact Organization - Use this option to subscribe specific external organizations to the Service
  • Individual Contacts - Use this option to subscribe individual contacts to the service
  • All Contacts - Use this option to subscribe all defined contacts to all supported external organizations to the Service

Note :- Department, Team and General options will only appear in the drop list once they have been defined in the Administration console. These can be defined under the Users, Roles & Organisations menu and the Organisation option.

Subscribing Sub-Groups

Subscribing Subgroups.png

By default each organisational grouping needs to be added individually to a service, in order for it's members to be subscribed too the service. In the case where you have an organisational structure where you are utilising sub-groups linked to a parent group - i.e Departments under a Company grouping, and the members of each department are listed under the relevant department but not also in the Company Grouping, you may want to subscribe all the departments and therefore all the members by simply subscribing the parent company grouping. To facilitate this approach you can do the following:

  • Enable the system setting
  • This will enable the ability to subscribe sub-groups to a service based on the parent grouping being subscribed - but it will not automatically:
  • Apply to existing Group Subscriptions
  • Apply to new Group Subscriptions

With the setting enabled, you can now choose to allow sub-group subscriptions when applying new group subscriptions, and managing existing group subscriptions to a service.

Enabling Sub-Group Subscriptions

When subscribing a new organisational grouping to a service, or managing an existing organisational group subscription to a service, a Sub-Grouping Icon will now be visible.

  • By Default this will be set to Disabled
  • To Subscribe all members of the sub-groups to the service, based on their parent groups subscription, click on the icon to Enable.
  • To disable sub group and their members subscription to the service, based on the parent grouping subscription simply click on the Icon to disable it.
  • The sub-group option will not apply to non organisational based groupings i.e sites, users, contacts.

Catalog Item Visibility in the Request Catalog for Sub-Group members subscribed via their Parent Organisational Grouping, will respect the parents inclusion or exclusion to each catalog item's visibility.