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The Supporting Teams feature is used to assign the Service Desk teams who will be supporting this service. Supporting teams will have the rights to view and manage requests for this service. When a service is first created, it is supported by all Service Desk teams. Once one or more teams have been allocated to a service, only those teams will have access to the service.

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Members of Supporting Teams can:

  • View All requests raised against the Service from the Request list > Filters > All My Services.
  • Be Assigned a request raised against the Service from Progressive Capture assignment forms, Request forms, and multi select assignment options on the Request List view.
  • Only analysts which belong to those teams will be able to view and manage requests made against the Service.
  • It will only be possible to assign or reassign a request to another team or analyst in a team which supports the Service
  • Using the global search bar, analysts will only see results for requests which are logged against services their teams support, or requests which are assigned to them, their teams or where they have been added as members to the requests.

Optionally you can also filter the list of Services which are displayed on the Progressive Capture > Services Form, to only display those which belong to the customer they are logging the request for, but also just to those services which the Analyst supports (based on being a member of a team which Supports one or more Services). This could be useful if you only want the IT team to see the Services they Support, and equally the HR team to only see the Services they support when raising requests via Progressive Capture.

  • In order to enable this feature the following system setting needs to be turned on (is defaluted to Off). The Setting is accessible from the admin tool under Home > Service Manager > Application Settings
  • servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.enableSupportVisibility