Service Manager Quarterly Update 2020 Q4

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Team Hornbill has been hard at work introducing a series of brand new and exciting Service Manager features. This page highlights these key features, how they may be used and configured.

Employee Portal

Request sub-status visible on the employee portal

The sub-status applied to a request is now displayed when viewing requests in the Request widget and in the Requests section of the service details page on the employee portal. Customers can now see the descriptive sub-status of their request and are well informed on the state of their request.

Substatus EP1 2020 Q4.PNG

Substatus EP2 2020 Q4.PNG

Business Process

CC and BCC recipients on email notifications

You can now include CC and BCC recipients on email notifications. The options allow comma separated email addresses as CC and BCC recipients. This can be configured under Requests > Email Notification in the Hornbill Automation node of a business process.

CC BCC 2020 Q4.PNG

Modify the service and catalog item on a request

The currently assigned service and request catalog item can now be changed. Requests raised under the wrong service can be moved to the correct service and catalog item. The business process instance on the request can also be modified to ensure the request follows the correct process that would have been applied against the updated service and/or catalog item while retaining the request reference.

This can be changed via Requests > Update Request > Service in the Hornbill Automation node.

Update Service 2020 Q4.PNG

Wait for an asset to be linked to a request

You can now suspend the workflow on a request until one or more assets have been linked to the request. This is achieved through Requests > Suspend > Wait for Linked Assets in the Hornbill Automation node.

LinkedAsset 2020 Q4.PNG

Live Chat

Live Chat transcripts on requests raised from chat sessions

Requests raised from Live Chat sessions now include the transcript of the chat. This allows users that don't have a Live Chat subscription see the transcript and all the valuable information captured on the chat. Users with Live Chat subscriptions can update the transcript on the request with additional entries to the chat after the request has been raised.


Copying an existing request

Copy 1 2020 Q4.PNG

You can now create an exact copy of an existing request with the copy request option under the request menu represented by the vertical ellipse button on a request. This allows you to copy all but the customer on a request.

You configure what gets copied across with the toggle on the folowing settings in Hornbill> Applications> Service Manager> Application Settings

  • app.request.copy.assets
  • app.request.copy.attachments
  • app.request.copy.connections
  • app.request.copy.customFields
  • app.request.copy.description
  • app.request.copy.documents
  • app.request.copy.owner
  • app.request.copy.priority
  • app.request.copy.questions
  • app.request.copy.requestCategory
  • app.request.copy.summary


Asset tags now available

We've added tags to assets which allow you filter the asset list and the asset option in the global search using keywords added to the asset. Asset tags can be added as conditions for filtering asset results on the asset list and when creating views. Asset searches via the Global Search options can now be carried out based on tags.

Asset tag 2 2020 Q4.PNG

Asset tag 3 2020 Q4.PNG

To add an asset tag, simply open the asset record and type the tag you wish to add. You can add a predefined tag or a new tag ( depending on your role)

Asset tag 4 2020 Q4.PNG

Request List

Department is now available on request list view

We've added the department attribute as a column that can be displayed in the request list and customised views. You can now sort the request view by department.

Dept Request List 2020 Q4.PNG

Supplier Manager Integration

Creating and viewing supplier contract events on Service Manager requests

Supplier event 2020 Q4.PNG

You can initiate supplier contract events on requests in Service Manager by selecting the supplier and contract associated with linked assets on a request. This supplier manager plugin is initiated when a sub-status which has the Supplier Integration enabled is selected on a request.

The progress and response times of these supplier events can also be tracked on the request.

To configure and use this integration

  • Create active contract(s) with associated assets
  • The enable supplier switch must be enabled on at least one request sub-status
  • The Supplier Manager plug-in is initiated when a sub-status is selected which has the Supplier Integration enabled.